Sheesh, Jim Hopson = Totally Anal

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Doesnt get more anal than complaining because a game starts 5-10 minutes later. :roll:

And, nothing against Kent, but who the hell does his wife think she is?

The game shouldn't be delayed because the fans don't know the start time though. In all honesty that's a fair beef.

Lets be honest here if the game had been in Regina and it was delayed that way the BC Lions would have complianed to.

Probably BC Place stadiums problem

I never would have. Seen lots of games delayed a lot longer for who knows what reason over the last 41 yr. Never heard a team official make this kind of complaint about. Anal fans sometimes, but no team officials.

I don't want to paint a negative attitude towards the Lions, but after watching them screw up the score clock a few years ago and botch the Lui Passaglia's final game there when the lights went out in the middle of a Rider drive, I just see them delaying the game as a bad attempt to get the fans in so it will be loud from the start.

I understand when the CFL wants to delay the game so they don't overlap like last week, and perhaps I'm in the wrong and there was a valid reason for it. If I am my apologies.

I'm not saying you would complian just that if where the other way around some one would. If you think about it doesn't matter what two teams where playing the game some one would have complianed about a delay its human nature.

its just such a small thing to complain about. And whats wrong with wanting to get the fans in. Thats what you play for first place for. Not sayin its some thing to crucify some one over, just that to me, it really is quite anal.

Whats wrong with having the fans show up on time???... knowing 55,000 fans would show up why would you not try and get there early and avoid the obvious traffic or what ever excuse was given problems.

I agree with Dust...if it were an isolated incedent of gaining an unfair advantage, I wouldnt have posted here. Nor do I think that Mr. Hopson or Mrs. Austin would have complained. But BC has done worse, and the complaints were warrented IMHO.

As for Mrs. Austin coming in to Mr. Ackles box, that was uncalled for. She could have waited for Hopson outside the room. But whats that guys problem? Security? What would that accomplish? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH...for Mrs. Austin? I understand when you come from where he comes from you might have some self-esteem issues but scared of Mrs. Austin? And then he says Win!!! Like he's out there controlling anything that has to do with schemeing or even any aspect of the football operations. Get a life waterboy/businessman. And I wrote that to him in an email. I could use some H2O, wheres Ackles when you need him?


Wouldn't be up to the CFL officials to start the game on time. I thought the Playoff etc. were controlled by them.? Don't know Mrs. Austin, but it wasn't her place to be or go into the Press Box, or talking with Ackles. She is not an employee of the Team.

What's wrong with people from Saskatchewan?'' Ackles said

That makes me want to respect him a lot....:roll:

Was at the airport tonight. More than 1000 of us. Maybe 2000. Welcomed team back. Go Riders. Everyone was happy. Players were happy. Coaches to. Sounds like more to this story. What Ackles said may not be it all. Sounds like maybe more happened. Hopson said Ackles is asshole. Said that to us. Said he was rude to Mrs Austin. Very rude. Said Ackles changed kickoff time. Never asked Riders just changed it. Not Lions game is it is CFL game. Ackles acted like it was Lions game. That is why Hopson was mad.

If the stadium’s p.a. announcer was inciting crowd noise
when the Roughriders were in their offensive huddle,

with all due respect, CFLgameanyone,
I give her credit for acting immediately

this is a major breach of sportsmanship.

Even inciting crowd noise for one play
could affect the outcome of the game.

Good for Mrs. Austin - she's got that Rider Pride. Why shouldn't she stand up for her husband and his team when their opposition is taking apparent liberties with their home field advantage.

As to BC holding up the kickoff - that's a load of ****. If nimrod fans can't get to the game on time - too bad. With a national television audience watching they have the nerve to delay kickoff - give me a break. Didn't cause the Riders to miss a beat though.

Im not sure wives, brothers, sisters, cousins, or
any other family members, not involved with the team
should be given press box access.

And i dont blame Ackles for reacting as poorly as he did, game time tensions run high.

Thankfully it didnt turn out as poorly as it could have.

While I agree that Mrs Austin should have controlled herself.

I find the comments of Mr. Ackles to be funny and almost child like. A few years ago it was the Printers - Dickenson media circus.

This year it was canned noise and Jimenez media circus. Then to delay the start of your game because your fans weren't there, that is joke. When they switch over to the panel after the Winnipeg - Toronto game, and you could see the stands in back, I thought maybe they pre-taped the comments because there was nobody there in the seats in the back ground.

Media lessons for BC Lions:

  • come out and just say you are committed to a clean game, and will not use canned noise.
  • another Jimenez issue comes along sit him yourself, this way you wouldn't have needed to dress an extra lineman in case he blew is cool during the game
  • start the game on time

One point to remember. Mrs Austin is not a representative of the club nor is she a representative of the league. She should not have gone into the box of a BC club official. She should have expressed her concerns to Mr. Tillman's replacement who
had the authority to go into the box. I admire her desire to stand up for her husband but she should have adherred to
protocol. Mr. Ackles' comment about the people from Saskatchewan demontrated a lack of etiquette for a person in his position.

Agreed man. I just said she could have waited outside since she didnt have the authority to be in there. It was Ackles only semi-legitimate beef, and I feel she took advantage of her situation.

Might I add that only Hopson is a native Saskatchewanian for Mr. Ackles. LOL.


Wow people, game is delayed a few minutes and everyone starts to cry. Did you really think about this before posting or is your lions hate on so great that you just jump at any opportunity to bitch about something? I can see if they delayed the game for 1/2 an hour, that would screw a lot of stuff up, but it was only minutes. All I can say is WOW and wonder how you people react to a real problem. Unreal.

55000 is a fair number of people, lots more than most cfl venues ever get so to sit there and call lions fans nimrods because of the massive line up outside is pretty asshat like (dusty100). Unless you know that every fan didnt have some sort of life and responsibilities outside a football game that prevented them from being at the game a couple hours early then shut your mouth. If you are 100% sure that the design of BC Place is such that it doesnt cause any delays in getting 55000 people inside then shut your mouth.

Come on people, the hate is getting pretty sad. No reasonable person spends time to write in a forum about such a petty issue unless they have some sort of hate on. Think about it, how many things in life end up being a few minutes late? You guys must have lots of angry forum posts around lol. Suck it up, relax and take a few deep breaths. The sun will still rise tomorrow.