Sheesh, Fan Day Game

What, about The Season Ticket Holders…?

we got somthing a Slap in Face
Called a Ticket Price Raise for next year

If you don't like the ticket prices then don't buy next year. Problem solved..

By the way.. are we going to have to suffer your intrusive and horrible looking signature .gif forever?

People like you is why I am always at the games and you are not!Thats real!

ZENSTATE strikes again with what we all like

a witty comment. :roll:

I was at the game till the end when did they say ticket prices were going up because i did'nt hear it

Its kind of hard for me to make it to many games as I live in Vancouver..

I was thinking the same thing. Season ticket holders are the true fans that have been with the team for the last few years and definately the past few home games. They could have shot 25 shirts in the stands for helemts and the other 25 could have been a season ticket draw......

but instead fan giveaways with no thought of season ticket holders and then an announcement of ticket price raise.....Bob could have thought that announcement through a little later.....perhaps after fan appreciation day

when the hell did they announce this increase???

as for season ticket holders, how are they any more of a fan than someone who drives in for half the games every season because he or she has to work or lives farther away.

because you spend less for your tickets your more of a fan, tell me how that works?

i used to be a seasons ticket holder, and i plan on doing so next year, but i wouldn't say that makes me more of a fan than they guy who plans out which games he can make it to any given season.

The increase was announced by Bob when he was interviewed on the 5th quarter on 900 CHML. I will admit I was abit dumbstruck by his comments given the season that we have had to watch ....... again.

At the end of the game I hung around because I really thought that the Ticats were going to have the players announce something of substance for the seasons ticket holders instead of a rah rah speech. Lunchbag letdown.

I will still renew my two seasons but I will admit it has been nice being able to move closer to the action with so many empty seats over the last few games.

Have a good one