Shed Mom and Pop Image? (split from next big thing)

Next best thing for the CFL is to shed its mom and pop image and get into the 21st century.
Get these new stadiums built.
Get expansion going.
Get that big TV deal the league deserves.
Then watch this league take off.
The NFL will become an afterthought.

Mom and pop image is what I like about it, without that smaller cities like Regina, Hamilton and Winnipeg for example and future expansion in cities like Moncton or London won't be possible. If some people don't like that, too friggin bad. According to some, mainly Americans but some Canadians as well, all of Canada is Mom and Pop, or Doug and whats his name, Canada eh? guys with a brewskie in hand. :wink:

I think you mean "Bob and Doug Mackenzie" You Hoser!!

Thank-you ugo, yes that's who I mean't. :thup: Too lazy to look it up.

Hey, we can give the CFL a nickname - Hoser Football League. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. It is precisely the cosy mom and pop feel that I love about the CFL. Leave all that corporate holywood crap for the guys down south.

And the next big thing will be the Riders winning 3 straight starting this year :wink:

I've got some bad news for you guys.
If the CFL stays too mom and pop, it will have trouble surviving.
With the NFL raiding its rosters already, it will eventually become nothing more then the
American Hockey League of football.

Hopefully the people running the CFL are thinking bigger.
Because a stronger CFL will be able to keep its individuality.
If it stays small time, or even regresses, the NFL will walk all over it.
Luckily I think Cohon is too smart to keep running things the way they are.

AWWWWWKKKKKK! The NFL is stealing our players! The Sky is falling! AWWWKKKKK! :roll: :roll:

berezin, the general perception among most out there is that regardless, the NFL will always have what is perceived as the best players because a) they pay the most money, way more than the CFL and with their TV American deals, they will always be no. 1 in this respect and big stadiums; b) aren't required to have X number of Canadians on the roster. So in reality, this isn't about the CFL vs the NFL, the NFL has the trump card on public perception and the CFL will be the Mom and Pop league forever and Hoser league.

That is fine, we play for the Canadian Grey Cup championship, it's not about playing for another trophy called the Super Bowl that is regarded by most as the highest level of football in North America. Bottom line, don't worry about the Mom and Pop image, the CFL is doing fine as it is and can't ever compete with the image and salaries of the NFL anyways.

Isn't it called the Vince Lombardi trophy?

Correct The Chief Lord.

Even so it is still super just like the ads for BC they run during the Olympics here in the States with the slogan:
"Super, Natural British Columbia."

It all sounds super to me any way you slice it and nothing wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Everyone,
I think this is a very interesting topic, which is why I split it off the original topic. The direction that this league is going is something that we all should be interested and invested in.
Now a consensus would be pretty much impossible as everyone has an opinion and most think theirs is gospel, but please lets all keep our egos in check, hear each other out and DO NOT resort to basic name calling. We are not in a school yard, so lets try to be civil.

That bureaucratic bull out of the way, lets talk CFL.

I'll write my essay about it later, but for now go at it. Or don't.

Warning I almost never edit out comments, but if it does resort to the normal crap that goes on I will edit with a heavy hand.

Correct. I think the CFL can still stay true to its roots and still evolve a bit. Both can certainly happen.
But new stadiums, TV contracts, etc has less to do with image, and more to do with the league's viability.
Some of the facilities played in are a joke and embarrassing considering the popularity and prevalence this league has in this great nation.

Thats right Geroy.
Its time to get into the 21st century with this league.
And the first thing to do is get rid of these 19th century stadiums.

Alotta people on this site who want the status quo just don't get it
They don't understand if that if you build a modern stadium, you
bring in more fans beyond just the hardcore base.

Plus you appeal more to businesses to entertain clients there.
I mean would Jim Balsille dare bring his clinets to Ivor Wynne Stadium?
To sit on one of those ugly painted benches?
Hell no.

Also with more teams, better stadiums, and more TV money, you can pay the players more.
Meaning they'll stay instead of bolting to the NFL because of the huge money disparity.

People on this site who whine about keeping things as they are?
They're football fans so they don't care.
But you wanna expand your fan base and survive, you gotta keep growing.
Goodbye mom and pop.

The CFL will be fine with how it is. However, to expand like berezin99 wants would require a massive amount of money. Where will that come from?

This is one discussion along with the original one from which it was split that I have enjoyed greatly as well as a new fan and American in order to learn more about the CFL and its fans. :slight_smile:

Grims asks the pertinent question, and as for Canada as consistent follower and small-time investor in the relevant industries and several companies (newsletter feedback so often via as well as , I do believe in more time that prosperity in energy and natural resources will provide ultimately the additional capital. There will not be any shortage of foreign investment in Canada this decade for sake of access to those resources. :cowboy:

As for south of the border, well that's a whole other story for another forum, but at least the US is now the number global producer of natural gas and has that industry and the nuclear industry going for it long-term but with a whole lot of ground to cover and bleeding wounds to stop and heal the rest of this decade as well. :roll:

When you look at recent history, it has been the prosperous sectors of industry, in some cases bubble industries, that have generated so much of the capital and disposable income for sports. :expressionless:

Ultimately I would love to see the CFL expand in Canada within five years, for that of course would mean more than 4 games per weekend right, and then back to the US in ten years where some of us sit in most years in dire football withdrawal from February all the way to early September! :roll:

Also note that for many of us college football just does not cut it any more with the whole BCS BS screw up and television network and mainstream sports media conflicts of interest in place. College football in the US will go the way of college basketball for all but the diehards if something is not changed within five years, and as such it will not make it but for a few programs as has been the case already in the US with the NHL and many NBA teams. :roll:

The CFL has survived just fine as a 'mom and pop' league, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

There is an intimacy to a CFL game that even my wife, who's not a football fan, can sense. Up here, athletes are still paid reasonable salaries, not ridiculous sums of money that distance them from the fans.

Let the NFL have its hype machine. There may well be a lockout in 2011 and when that happens, maybe Canadians will stop disparaging this wonderful three-down game and start to appreciate how hard our players work, busting their tails for what in most cases are football careers with only enough money to offset the limited length of said career.

Also, where on earth is all this money for bigger stadia going to come from?

The 'mom and pop' aspect of the league I enjoy is that the players make as much as the fans and are very accessible and involved parts of their repsective communities.

As far as football goes, it wouldn't hurth for these athletes to have world class training facilities or for them to play in more modern venues. Let's face it, the Argos should not be training out of portable, temporary trailers at U of T Mississauga. The concourse at Ivor Wynne Stadium shouldn't have to double as parking space for team practices. It also wouldn't hurt if the teams had more revenue generating amenities in their stadiums sorely lacking in the CFL today like video ribbons and lavish club suites.

Hopefully without segregating the athletes from the community, it would give the CFL a more professional feel and shield it from some of the baseless criticism it recieves today.

...well said d&p, anyone that says the only way to go is newer and bigger stadiums, more expensive salaries, expansion to anywhere and doesn't understand the income aspect just doesn't get it....

...the stampeders recently blew a wad of cash on a new state-of-the-art training centre and at the same time moved the football operations offices out of the clubhouse and into the new building, allowing for an expansion and upgrade to the locker room and related functions...I haven't seen it in person yet but supposedly it's amazing and will definately be a draw to signing future players....

No question Toronto should have better training facilities than what they currently have, Suitor mentioned this in an article that he can't understand why this is the situation there.