Shea talks relationships

Way to go Shea !

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I am glad he made this comment about this relationship issue. It's very true, men often are the partner in marital relationships who have difficulty in not being able to get in touch with their feelings let alone successfully discussing this with their wives. I'm sure you are all knowledgeable of the Post Trauma Stress Disorder which we are now seeing in our army troops who are returning from Afghanistan. The largest hurdle to the treatment of this disorder is the difficulty troops have of expressing and, of talking openly about the huge negative impact of all the horror they have witnessed in combat. There are indeed drugs which can be used as an adjunct to talking therapy. Too often troops are given these medications but not the talk therapy which is best provided in group sessions. Some women too have the same problem of discussing their feelings- I have been involved with women who, for example,have had difficulty discussing their feelings concerning rape-this needs to be discussed.
Kudos To Shea Emery. With our children, we can provide them with the preventive measure of being in a family where everyone's feelings do get identified and expressed openly.Thus in later lives they will be better able to deal with the trauma they might encounter.

I probably shouldn`t make light of Post Trauma Stress Disorder, but how do we handle Popp Trauma Stress Disorder?

Actually that's a great joke :thup: :lol:

His fiancee is quite special too. :thup:

A very honest, forthright and integral interview. I must admit, though, that I watch Emry play and I find it hard to fathom that he was bullied. It's not that I don't believe him. I just find it hard to fathom it ever happening.

I don't. George St-Pierre was bullied. If you look at a lot of the fighters in Mexico and Brazil even some of the athletes who come out of the US ghettos. Its very prevalent. I think it might even motivate individuals with a drive and focus to achieve.

Really? St-Pierre was bullied? I imagine there are a few nervous guys walking around, looking over their shoulders and praying he has a short memory.

He grew up extremely poor and his parents would buy his clothes in a thrift shop. He also had a problem with his ears, it got so bad that the most of the kids in his school had nicknamed him “Clown”. Anyway that’s why he took up martial arts.