Shea Emry

With his outstanding play this season he deserves a thread of his own!

Even without his interception yesterday, he has to be the East Division candidate for Most Outstanding Canadian (although will admittedly have a tough time beating out Cornish or Harris overall).

Emry is 4th in tackles with 77 (plus another 5 on special teams), and 4th in sacks with 7, pretty decent considering he was a question mark heading into the season.

Also interesting to compare Emry picked 7th in the 2008 draft against Samuel Giguere taken one pick later. Although if I was a Tiger-Cat fan I would not give up on Giguere.

You should have seen Obilovich's face when the Als drafted Shea LOL ! That's the guy Hamilton wanted.

Johnny wouldn't call Giguere a bust, bust he has not done much this season. Emry all the way :thup:

Emry has become an elite player at his position. :thup:

Emry joue une grosse saison, à la hauteur de son talent, et il a pleinement mérité les honneurs qui lui ont été décernés cette semaine.

Reinebold said he would bring him to another level...Got to give him that.

Definitely, but individual honours can't and shouldn't replace a strong unit overall. And considering that he's also neutered John Bowman and Chip Cox in this defense, it's not a great trade-off IMO.

Just trying to be fair... :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I don't want to pile on Reinebold. He's done some good things this season. But overall, it doesn't add up to a passing grade, unless we suddenly turn into the 2000 Baltimore Ravens down the stretch.

Also, if we're going to credit coaches, we have to credit Matt Sheldon, the new LB coach.

Shea Emry proposed to his future bride on a beach in Nicaragua on Dec. 30. No word if MadJack was there to witness it.

The coffee club takes another hit lol ! Congratulations Shea.

I wasn't. . . guess I'm out as best man. . .

maybe chauffeur!

Yes Emery is indeed our primary player on defense. If interested, you might be look at my December 31 post in the defense section where by I utilized 2012 stats in an attempt to rate, using a quantitative method , the play of Emery and other member of the Alouettes.