Shea Emry...

Terrence Edwards is on a crossing route. Ball is already thrown nowhere near him. Back is to Cox. Cox nails him helmet to helmet from the blind side full speed from the opposite direction. Maybe it's the Blue tinted glasses but that looked like intent to injure at its finest (or dirtiest).

It was before the interception so it' s not like Cox was blocking for Brown. I don't know, to me that looked like one of the dirtiest plays I've seen since Jiminez, but again it could be the Blue tinted glasses. What does everyone else think?

Apparently it was Emry. My bad. I thought the commentators said Cox.

actually I thought it was shea emry either way very dirty hit I cant believe the refs never saw it I thought edwards was dead for a second there I hope the guilty party is suspended and fined. That could have been manslaughter I know that sounds over done but that was a blatent intent to injure the human head cant take that much g-force

For sure. Like I said the ball was already thrown so it's not like he was even trying to disrupt a route (not that that would have justified it). It was just an attempt to hurt someone, plain and simple. I don't know how it could be argued otherwise.

I definitely thought it was unnecessary. Good to see Edwards get up on his own. :wink:

suspension for the season, IMO

1- Commish has no such power.

2- Fred Reid should not have diced the Montreal linebackers.

So that makes it ok to try and kill somebody ? Your an ALS fan , but show some class, don't defend that. Just don't cry if Calvillo or cahoon get blown up the next time they play each other. The Bombers will have nothing to lose.


Does not make it ok at all but it is football. I'm pretty sure Trestman will deal with it don't worry.

I was just stating that there won't be any suspension (most people who follow the league no why) and the reason the Montreal LB's are playing with rage is because they've been called out as "not very good" by a Bomber.

As an Als fan, I'm not going to argue that it wasn't a dirty hit. It definitely was. I wasn't pleased to see Emry pull that kind of crap at all. In his defense, though, he is a first-year Canadian starter who is still learning the game. I expect that after what happened today, he'll learn to play a cleaner game.

Unbelievable that there was no call on the play, but as usual, the officiating was garbage from start to finish. Phantom calls on both sides, embarrassing non-calls on both sides, and some flags that really make you wonder what the zebras were smoking (WTH was that 'contacting the kicker' call that gave the Bombers a first down? since when is it illegal for a ST player to block the kicker after he's kicked the ball and his leg is down? LOL).

No question it was a dirty hit, and should of been penalized.

But there are so many cheapshots in football, its practically part of the game. It just happened the Edwards got hurt. If he didn't get hurt, and got right up, we'd be all complaining how come that wasn't penalized, instead of saying he should be suspended for the rest of the season.

Just my opinion.


What? He threw dice at them? I don't get it... :?

no respect thats whats happening
the sad part they make so little compared to other leagues so u would think this wouldnt happen
THere was even a dirty hit in Sk vs Ed game
It was called a foul but still could get a guy hauled off on a stretcher

I can sum that play up in three words:


Dirty like the hit on Dressler at the end of the Edmonton game ?

Its football you sessees.

Emry is a very dirty player, giving cheap shots and late hits seemingly in every game. Considering at his bloated physique and youth, I’d say he was pumped full of steroids and out of control, suffering from “roid rage”. His dirty hits go far beyond “playing tough” or “finishing his checks”, etc. Something is wrong there. The CFL is supposed to be fun, but this guy plays angry.

I guess since the CFL doesn’t drug test, anything goes, but the Als better get a handle on him or there could be serious consequences. :thdn:

That is a serious accusation. At 21 year's of age an athlete with good genetics can put on 20 to 25 pounds of muscle in six months with discipline, proper nutrition, training and legal suplementation. Emry plays angry yes, Fred Reid said he was not very good and the boys discussed this again friday. They aren't done with the Bombers till the end of the season.

Every great MLB to play the game, play on the edge and impose respect through fear.

:thup: :thup:

I don't agree with Emry's hit on Edwards at all, but we've come to a sad state when we accuse a guy of being a roided-up maniac just because he plays the game on the edge. I WANT my MLB to play angry. In fact, I want my entire defense to play angry. Emry will learn how to play on that edge without delivering cheap shots. Keep in mind that he is a kid in his first year as a starter. He is still learning his craft. If he's still delivering these kinds of hits in five years, you can credibly say he's a dirty player. Right now, I don't see it. Or was A.J. Gass a saint on the field? :roll: