Shea Emry status?

Has anybody heard any update as to his status? Is he close to coming back or pretty much done for the year?

he was finally back in town...first time all year.

I've heard he is likely done done...but that is just word of mouth stuff leading back to someone he is pretty tight with. Big reason I mentioned going after Muamba in another thread...which he is looking for all offers to be tabled by tomorrow. The team could basically offer him Emry's contract with 100K of that up front or something...they should be a legit contender for signing him...there should be a minimum of 400k sitting around...make a splash with front loaded contracts

or make a splash and nail the door shut on Brett Smith going any wheres.

Smith is going nowhere soon, and TBH...I still want to see the other guys. Smith has looked promising and I love his energy...but the other guys have looked very good in practice and need a look as well. If there is some garbage time one way or another they need to be put in. You can't tell a pile from garbage time...but you can at least see some pocket presence or lack there Tino vs Smith. They also need to let some things play out for a bit and see whats what...If DD looks promising for a return by Draft day, perhaps Glenn is dealt if Smith continues to show promise...otherwise you have a huge bucks QB and a well into 6 figure QB...not sure how much you sink into another guy.

Brett is signed for 3 so no need to worry about him. If he continues to progress he will take Glenn's spot at #2. Depop mentioned we have Glenn to trade as an asset.............if Glenn's money is gone yeah maybe you re-sign Smith to extension with more $$$.

Brett's timing might be great. DD likely has 1-2 years left. The team needs a great plan B. If anything Brett Smith has answered this question (for the most part) in year one when he never should realistically be is rare to lose #1 and #2.

Muamba if we chase still need a bonafide backup...............or the luxury of having 8-9 quality National starters in the event a National goes down? We are not close............we barely have 7.

Speaking of Nationals.........some homer radio announcer picked Dan Clark as Riders O-lineman of say how far off base this dude is understatement. Fulton is hands down our best O-line. I watched Clark Sunday and he is marginal at best.........and the audible call snap that overfired.........the club rebounded nicely but that could have cratered the team.

Anyways..........Smith is doing what we need more rookies to do. Push management into hard decisions (Munroe, Smith, Roosevelt, Hollins, etc).

How about interior DL. That was Dyce and Quick making a move. I never noticed Webster. Everyone noticed #99 who has been around 5-6 weeks! Connop and Tennant just need more time.............throwing Connop in as day 1 starter was a testament to our lack of National talent. If Taman/CC and company felt a 23 yr old would step in and muck up the middle they were off by a mile. Couple more years and those kids will be battlers.

Yeah...agree on DD. He's said he wants to play to 40 ala Glenn, but only time will tell. If he returns to form...never know.

Muamba is taking reps with the Giants a move north might be on hold if he chases more looks. I don't think they "need" another guy to back him up...knox would suffice and there is flexibility to play a national elsewhere in a pinch...they do it now. He is something to start building a D around. Speaking on NFL hopefuls...Ben won't be back this year...he is apparently committed to trying into next season...he is also sticking with the team...good for it down man

Clark has looked pretty good actually...this last game aside in which he was bad. I think the LD got inside the hometown kid starting it may have got inside his head a bit. I am not a fan of his snapping, Watman is far superior, but his actual blocking has been pretty good. I would have a hard time naming the OLman of the year for the Riders right now because the whole unit has been inconsistent. They have been bad for penalties and at time been walked through while other times looked amazing.

Lol pretty premature naming anyone anything of the year unless you count Chamblin for worse HC/Dc/HBC/.... of the year. That he has got hands down.
No I wouldn't say Clark is the O lineman of the year either so far but just over a half season done so he could still pick it up. I agree on Mr X being the guy on the O line so far.

It still boggles my mind how Taman thought this would be a good trade for Foley??

Not me...desperation to get a proven vet at the biggest void on the team. Glenn was there at QB...they needed something at LB. Emry's injury was not related to previous injuries so it is not like this was a compounded one.

Perhaps someone else had an influence on the deal? I have no proof of course but maybe Foley ruffled a certain coaches feathers with his take no crap demeanor? I think Foley is not one to mince words when something is really bothering him and maybe he got under someones skin a bit too much. Again just speculation on my part as I said I certainly have no facts to back it up but it would explain it a bit more of why re sign him and then dump him so quick. Yes we needed a MLB but seriously as many have pointed out there were other options. This one seemed to be an "easy fix" to two problems for someone.

bang on...I believe I posted on this a smidge is factual but nothing that can be "proven" here...there was a level of "clashing of opinions on scheme"

Foley did that in Toronto too I'm pretty sure. As a player I liked him but obviously it went both ways

By the sounds of it we are not even a blip on the radar as far as getting Muamba. Has visited the TiCats,Argos, Winnipeg and the Lions is next on his list. A bit disappointing to see we either are not interested or he isn't.

I think the Ticats probably have the best shot being serious contenders for the cup. That said they have such a good defensive backfield that has really jelled so would inserting him hurt the team in the short term just getting him on the same page? It can be risky business bringing in a new body especially when things are going so well.

I think Winnipeg may be the second team to have a legit shot at him.

That's fine. He wants too much money. He's great but I'm not the least bit interested in spending 180k+ on a linebacker. Let someone else overpay.

Not true...Muamba has talked with the club. Front runner...probably not. Rumor is Muamba might be attempting to land with a contender until season's end, then try down south point for the riders if they can't land him for 3-4 years...fits the Esks nicely though, and his bro is there

Riders have been in talks
Offer is too rich
They claim cap room is getting too tight as well

Too rich I get...cap way. Only way this happens is off DD, Getz, Emry, Glenn all got half their year up which case BT is the worst GM in sports of all time

If those high priced contracts got half a year up front, it would definitely be a big reason BT got the boot!! The only way the Riders should be up against the CAP is if all the players brought in to replace injuries ate up the majority of the remaining room...

But bottom line is that if Emry at $200,000, Durant at $500,000 both only play one game... There should be room. Those 2 guys are approx 15% of the entire SMS... That's definitely reason to fire BT right there.

Yeah...totally Getz has been Sixed for how many now, and Brown. BT did say a while back that with Glenn's incentives that he and DD's salary would be almost a wash...but still, there would be a modest savings there. Emry should be straight up savings. There is no way this club shouldn't have a MINIMUM of 300k to play with. Maybe they want to try to break the minimum team salary for a change...I believe I read about 4 months ago that it was 4.45mil for 2015

I'm still not the least bit interested in paying an LB 180k+. Someone out there is going to offer 200k+. That's fine. Let them overpay. I'll use the money to give Ryan Smith (or someone) a raise and such and then beat them with Doughty or some other kid making 75k.

You are going to pay 140+ for a top end International MLB…you are going to pay more for a National at any position. 140k is a best case scenario for a vetted MLB. Doughty has some promise…but he has by no means proven he is the right man in the middle yet.