Shea Emery

Emery traded to RRs for Rickey Foley.

Is Foley not a very talented but frequently frustrating DE who has had 2-3 good years out of 98 CFL seasons and whose major attribute is being a National, or am I thinking of someone else.

If I am correct, not a flattering trade for Shea.

Barker was stuck with two High salaried NI MLB, getting a NI starter out of the deal is a good trade. They paid Nothing for Emry, they got him by over paying in FA. Kind of interesting that he left because he felt Toronto had superior management... Didn't make the post season and ends up being traded in Saskatchewan where people will know when he's constipated and follow his moving truck into town...

On the bright side, Shea might notice a few more fans in the stands.

Si ma mémoire est bonne, Emry avait quitté Montréal parce qu'il n'était pas à l'aise avec le système de Thorpe, qui ne le mettait pas assez... disons... à contribution. Étrange tout de même que c'est dans ce même système que son remplaçant s'est complètement révélé...

Si ma mémoire est bonne, Emry avait aussi évoqué le fait que d'aller à Toronto faciliterait sa situation de couple parce que sa conjointe y avait une entreprise. J'espère pour lui que son couple va survivre à cette distance, si celle entre Montréal et Toronto était insupportable.

J'espère qu''Emry y trouvera des jours heureux. Quant à Foley, c'est un gars qui généralement excelle en début de saison et pâlit beaucoup en fin de saison.

I have a lot of respect for both these players. I think Emry made a mistake leaving Montreal but it was his decision and he has to live with it, he played his heart out for us and paid a steep price with his health... Now to these teams he's just a number on a piece of paper. I think both are definitely in the twilight of their career. Both are likely heading to the HOF. Hopefully they retire healthy.

Really? You think Emry is likely headed to HOF hey? Can't see it. One East all star and one CFL all star...both in same year- 2012.
Can't see Foley there either.

But I hope they have continued success. Emry is only 28 but some miles on him I guess.

I for one do not have any respect for a cheap shot artist.

Heard Emry on the radio this morning discussing his struggles with depression, hard not to sympathize with him, until you start to remember all his borderline cheap shots on the field. Unless there is some sort of cause and effect I`m not aware of.

All the great middle linebackers played the game that way. AJ Gass, Mike O'Shea come to mind and they weren't angels.

Emry s'implique pour venir en aide aux hommes aux prises avec des problèmes de santé mentale.

Quels que soient les reproches qu'on peut lui adresser concernant son jeu sur le terrain, cette action demeure un geste positif qui est à son honneur. Je salue cette initiative de sa part qui, si elle part de son expérience comme joueur, doit être à mon sens être considérée séparément ce qu'il fait ou ne fait pas sur le terrain de football.

He was a great leader for our young guys and always showed up and played hard. Should have stayed...

Emry has announced his retirement because of concussion issues:

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He was not everyone`s favorite because of his borderline play at times and the way he bolted to the Argos. Still kind of sad to see a career end this way.

C'est vrai, mais en même temps, c'est bien de voir que les joueurs réalisent mieux maintenant leur limite à encaisser les coups. Le reste de leur vie et celle de leurs proches n'en sera que meilleur.

I believe retirement is appropriate for Emery. He's had a number of concussions.

emry took the stupidest penalties at the stupidest times as an alouette. that's the only thing that annoyed me about his time in montreal.

Les flamands ont un bon taux de natalité.