Shawne Merriman?

3X Pro Bowl/All -Pro NFL DE/LB Shawne Merriman was surprisingly released by the Buffalo Bills today, thereby making him a free agent.

What are the chances of the Cats signing him to be a starting end or possible mid-tackle? (as Shawne possesses both agile athleticsm adjacent with brute power/strength)
This man was an unstoppable sack leader not long ago, and is still only 28 years of age.

now on to reality, do the Cats have cap room to offer Merriman at least 1+ mil per season?
I didn't think so... :frowning:

Here's hoping the NHL incurs a lockout (at least until November's end) with CFL ratings increasing exponentially, resulting in an extraordinary unprecedented broadcast agreement to enrich teams' ability to further entice and maintain exceptional talent aptly suited for the Canadian game.

dreams + $ = reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plenty of veteran defensive linemen in need of work. Anwar Stewart (DE), Eric Wilson (DT), Aaron Hunt (DT). If I were Obie, I'd be putting out feelers to Wilson, Stewart, and Hunt (in that order of priority).

My guess is that half of the current defensive starters in the NFL in the line position and linebacker position would have a problem, at first, adjusting to the quicker CFL game. A guy like Merriman who is on his way out would probably not even be worth looking at for any CFL team. Just my opinion. And at what he would want to be paid "on reputation". No thanks.

Actually, Shawne is more of an NFL OLB than a lineman, although with attributes that compliment the DE/DT position in the CFL due to his conditioning, size and agility.

and you are correct Earl, in that fiscally (and likely egotistically) it is a non-sequitur.

again, just blissful ignorant thinking on my part. :smiley:

Did not Wilson retire at the end of last season?

As for Stewart and Hunt, it couldn't hurt to invite them both in for a tryout slash looksee I gather..

He did retire, but look at Obby Khan. If a team is interested, I wouldn't be surprised to see Eric come out of retirement. I mention Wilson primarily because you guys are having trouble stopping the run and Wilson, as a big interior tackle, was great at run-stopping during his time in Montreal.

He was scheduled to make $4M this season. I don't think he would come to Canada for maybe 2.5% of that.


Shawne Merriman will end up a NY jet, or a Detriot lion before anything