Shawn Lemon

We have a few fans from other teams posting in our very active Grey Cup related threads and I think they’ve all been respectful. We can be a glum, negative bunch at times (Sit with me at a game and you’ll find out). I read the comment from @rider01.1 as a “cheer up” kind of comment - no ill will intended.

Hamilton did a great job of hosting the Cup, I think we can host a few fans from other teams here on the forum in our Grey Cup threads.




Most certainly the Cats are better shape to contend than let’s say the riders of the Elk. The Ottawa team is not in the running.
The Stamps had bad season unlike them to do so so the jury is out of they can get better fast. But I still give them better chance to do so before the Riders and Elk come to terms with the issues needed to be corrected.
Same with the Cats, not more needed to become a contender than at least three other teams needing the same attention possibly 4 if we count the Stamps in there too. Stamps got in by default because the riders pooped the bed so bad in the last 7 games…the Elk were never really in the running this recent two seasons

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Was at the game as an ALS fan and really enjoyed the experience. Loved that Ti-Cats fans in solidarity seemed in large part pulling for the ALS.
On the QB thing, I’m super happy for Fajardo. He seems like a really good person and leader. I’d say it all came together in term of his game, a stellar effort from the OL and a really good offensive plan. I don’t think Winnipeg’ expected us to throw as many deep shots as we did.
I don’t think Jake Maier wins that game as an Alouette. Fajardo threw well, but he also had some super key runs and rolled out on passes really well. Vernon Adams, sure, but so long as he wasn’t overwhelmed by the moment.


Not to change the subject but I’m just a bit curious if you had any difficulty finding your way to the game after the map that I sent you ?

I found a copy of Bobo’s map! :crazy_face:


Proof positive the Tiger Cats spend too much money on non performers. BLM, Van Zyl, and Figgs.

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No, it was great thanks. The shuttle in from Lime Ridge worked perfectly. Bit of a wait on the way home but all good! Thanks again!


:beers: Good to hear and congrats on your victory . I have to say that that game all around was probably one of the best games that I have ever witnessed live in my lifetime .


Totally agree!

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Van Zeyl, I’m struggling to understand why he was brought back. But since I think he spent virtually the whole year on the 6-game, I don’t think he took away cap space?

BLM was a gamble. And IMO the jury is still out. He had two serious injuries and just didn’t get enough playing time this year. It’s possible he can regain his old form with an offseason of training and a focused mindset in training camp.

Figgs, yeah, might be time to move on.


You still have to pay these guys, 6 gamed or not. That’s $ that could be going to someone who might actually see the field some day.


That is true. But the team can’t claim their hands were tied because of cap space if the guy spends most or all of the season on the 6-game.

Why sign anyone who is not a true contributor? Calgary was more than happy to get rid of BLM and his hefty contract. Bc was more than happy Friggs and Toronto was more than happy to part with Van Zyl.

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Agreed. Van Zeyl is the only one of them who performed & that was only in 2019, not counting when the whole O line $hit the bed in the GC.

In 2019 Van Zeyl still had something left in the tank and was even winning awards.

After that not so much and was plagued with injuries.

Why the Cats kept him around for so long can be debated. Possibly in some sort of mentoring capacity or a way to circumvent the coaching cap.


Calgary released Lemon and kept Howsare. How did that work out for them?


I’ve been told if Huff and Dickenson make a move it’s automatically the right one.



We have Drew Tate on line 2.


To be honest i would dump Lemon too. His physical looks terrible! He looks out of shape and done. It defy’s logic how the guy keeps making plays to be honest.

He looks no more out of shape than what JG Davis looks like to me .