Shawn Lemon suspended indefinitely for wagering on CFL

You could be right, but looking at it through my Als glasses I say 9 games. :wink:

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You don’t even see your own hypocrisy, do you?


I think the Al’s are a victim in this case and they should be not only angry at Shawn, but should also WANT to suspend him. After all Shawn did his betting while playing for Calgary. Montreal really had nothing to do with this mess, yet the’re paying the price for Shawn’s stupidity.


Will the league have to reveal to Lemon how they obtained their information or are they able to protect their source?

If they have to reveal then I’m sure it will become known to us.

Splain it to me

Yes there is.


He’s a fool and an idiot to claim he didn’t understand that betting on games in the league he was playing in was a major no-no. Any moron would already know that without having to be spoon fed. Inexcusable.


The league are not police, but why would they reveal successful investigation methods to the public?

No, that’s not happening. And the next cheater and/or violator of rules will be caught as well.

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I don’t think it’s relevant how the CFL received the information, just that it is accurate. Some problem gamblers have lately been caught via algorithms, but I can’t see that being applicable here as too many years have passed and there isn’t any evidence that there was some kind of a pattern that algorithms are designed to catch.

My bet is that someone ratted him out.


We don’t know either way here. And as for rats, they also do come from law enforcement or informants working with law enforcement too even in totally unrelated cases, word on the street or from behind bars and all that.

My point is that the league or anybody else on to professional athletes betting against rules are not going to reveal their methods whether or not they involve algorithms, which are merely one tool in a bag of tools, methodology, and people monitoring the action.

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Well they might if it’s an algorithm as has recently been done with that Raptors guy, but I doubt that’s the case here. And an informant/whistleblower of course deserves protection and would only be disclosed to those who need to know if it was relevant.

I doubt it is relevant here as Lemon hasn’t denied that he bet on at least one game his team was involved in. Someone else speculated that he he may be appealing just to obtain a defined punishment and that seems plausible to me. He may just want to know whether the suspension is going to be 9 games or one season or two seasons so he can plan accordingly.

As I said earlier, I’m not a big fan of “indefinite” suspensions on a final basis. If it was intended to be permanent then the league should have said so. Even with a permanent suspension there should be an opportunity to apply for reinstatement at some point, which even Pete Rose was allowed to do. No doubt Lemon is hoping he can limit the suspension to 9-18 games, otherwise given his age his career is likely over. It would appear that he is essentially just begging for mercy as he has no defence if he bet as the league concluded he did.

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It’s pretty much the same scenario as when in Seinfeld , George didn’t realize that having sex with the cleaning woman on his desk was against company policy . :smile: