Shawn Lemon suspended indefinitely for wagering on CFL

No big deal. If he loves all of those things he is free to say so. Ironically they are all things he will miss for the rest of 2024 and probably beyond, although he could choose to stay in Montreal. Unfortunately for him what he said has no bearing on the arbitration hearing.


In case you hadn’t seen this today, Porter just plead guilty to a bunch of crimes and is expected to receive 3 1/2 to 4 years in the hoosegow. What he did certainly isn’t identical to what Lemon did (that we know of), but it undescores your points about the authorities in the US tending to have a much closer look at these types of betting shenanigans than in Canada.

Not surprisingly there is more to what Porter did including more bets on NBA games including games involving his own team. They may not even know it all as we may not with Lemon as well. Therefore the perma hammer is justified. You can’t know where even one such bet might lead, especially if you are dealing with someone as dishonest as Porter or Lemon, which will be the case most of the time.


TORONTO — An independent arbitrator has ruled that Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman Shawn Lemon’s suspension for wagering on Canadian Football League games, including one in which he played, will take effect immediately.

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Bye, so long. Take care. Don’t call us bla bla bla


Not quite the same as the Lemon situation, but it will be interesting to see how the NFL handles this case of a Patriots receiver who bet on games involving his college team. The Patriots allowed him to participate in Spring practices.


As CFL Commissioner I’ve decided to over-rule the independent arbitrator and reinstate Shawn Lemon to active player status. I’ll also be giving him a pat on the back, a hefty raise and a sincere apology. Welcome back Shawn!

This change of heart on my part has nothing to do with the 200 foot yacht that was just given to me by our Sports Betting partners or the 10,000 square foot beach front property that WILL be given to me right after I make this announcement.

Thank you and good luck to all you gambling addicts out there who have found a home here in the CFL (since you probably lost your REAL homes due to online sports betting). :beaver:


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