Shawn Lemon appeals gambling suspension, returns to Montreal Alouettes

Interesting. The league has not teeth and the union well …

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The league has no choice but to allow the appeal to be made, whether or not the suspension is overturned is an entirely different matter.


MTL beat writer sheds some light on the reason Lemon/CFLPA is appealing

The discrepancy between the league and the CFLPA stems over when players were made aware of the league’s policy regarding wagering, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. While the CFL will argue its position was established during the 2021 season, it wasn’t until June 2022, according to a published report, that the league sent an internal memo to all nine franchises, reiterating its existing gambling policies for players.

The CFLPA will argue Lemon shouldn’t be punished for something that occurred in 2021, when no clear policy had been established and players had failed to be educated on the guidelines.

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I saw a tweet that has since been deleted from retired offensive lineman Derek Dennis that said something similar. Proving that Lemon had full knowledge of the policy might be difficult.


Made me chuckle a bit