Shawn Crable Returns

8) The Cats have apparently invited DE Shawn Crable back to the team. Crable, the ex Patriot, was originally signed
   on April 4, only to be mysteriously released just a month later without even attending training camp.

    Coach Cortez explained that the team wanted to look at all the other D Linemen in training camp, before inviting 
      Crable back.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

      Obviously some of the D Linemen that the Cats brought to training camp, aren't as good as the team expected them 
       to  be !!!

        Even more strange is that no explanation was ever given as to why Crable was originally released by the team, after
         making such a big deal about his signing.

The THEORY that I read a while back was that Crable wanted his release so that he could look further into his NFL possibilities. So, maybe he looked around and decided that Hamilton wasn't so bad after all. Otherwise, a very strange set of circumstances.

I did say, THEORY.....

Also, Derek Drummond is retired.

Sounds like a reasonable theory. Another possibility is he was signed again to replace Drummond.

With all these signing of players that were just released by the team this year, maybe Stevie Baggs will be on his way back :stuck_out_tongue:

Tipper and ticat football beat reporter, Drew Edwards said

that Cortez told him

If Shawn Crable wanted to check out his NFL options,

why would Coach Cortez not tell us that was the reason he was released

instead of saying he wanted to look at some other players, oldfan?

Like any good Cat, Shawn Crable would appear to have multiple football lives.

The defensive end re-signed with the Ticats on Friday after being released by the club last month.

“I was back home in Ohio working out, coaching my son's baseball team

– we were 9-2 – and just staying active, trying to keep hope alive,? Crable said.

“They called me and asked me to come back and I was like 'heck, yeah.?

A former third round draft pick of the New England Patriots, the six-foot-five Crable

was initially signed by the Ticats on April 4 but released in mid May.

Head coach George Cortez says the team wanted to get a look at some other players

before extending another invitation to Crable.

“Some of this is a process of looking at as many guys as possible

to find the best guy,? Cortez said.

“We thought he could be competitive so we brought him back.?

Hope we get more bang for our buck out of a Shawn Crable than we do out of Shaw Cable.

8) Thank You Ron. Some people don't know the real story, before they make comments on it !!!

Now come on guys, I did say it was a THEORY.....But thanks for the facts on the matter, Ron.

I'm glad to see him back in camp. His resume is impressive.