Shawn Churchill crisis @ Canada Inns

Okay, I saw Churchill doing a sideline report that became highly unusual. I thought, how bizarre it was. . . then - I read about paramedics attending him.

What gives.

i'd like to help you out but your link didn't work

The link works it just takes time for the page to load as the Bombers are still on Dial-up. but seriously sounds like the Guy had a stroke.

It does sound like a stroke but another possiblity is a TIA.

to explain what a tia i have to explain the two diffent kinds of strokes, so bare with me.

Their is Ischemic (a blockage of the artery in the head) or Hemmoragic (rupture of a artery in the head). What a TIA is an Ischemic stroke caused by a temporary blockage, not a complete blockage, which would make it a stroke obviously. The signs and symptoms are the same and there is no way to tell until he gets a CT scan. The effects of a TIA are also temperary.

Also if it was a stroke and it was Ischemic not Hemorragic (only determined by a CT scan again) the Paramedics have a 3 hour time frame to get a drug called TNK that would reduce the chance of having permanent side effects by 60-90 percent. Also the majority of strokes (not caused by blunt trauma to the head) are Ischemic so the outlook for Churchill is pretty good. Hopefully we see him on the sideline again pretty soon.

is Ourbombers under denyal attack by Westwood


Winnipeg newspaper reported he was bitten by a wasp and went into anaphylactic shock. He's ok!

Is that the guy who was doing the sideline report and seemed to have lost his train of thought while he was doing his report? I was wondering what was up with him/

I know exactly who you are talking about. I thought the same thing.

Nice to hear that he is ok...

wow ya we were watching the game and started laughing like what is up with this guy but ya I feel bad for laughing I just thought he was a rookie reporter glad he's okay

Yes this was going to be my second diagnosis , I guess this is why I flunked med school. :roll:

link does not work

Try pulling the string a little tighter. :lol: :lol: :lol: