Shawn Burke staying in Hamilton

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Burke smelled a trainwreck?

No ownership and can’t hire his own coach, can’t imagine why he wouldn’t jump at the opportunity.

He went for his interview (in BC for some reason) and declined with thanks.
Must realize he is in a better situation where he is. :slight_smile:

Dork: More likely has to do with the fact Burke is from Guelph and has a long history with the Tiger-Cats. Why make a move unless you have to…especially when the Tiger-Cats seem to be full of happy campers at the management level?

MTL might be better off naming the owner that will be signing their paychecks before hiring the executives of the team. ???

Great decision, Burkie. Now let’s get started on that FA list. ;D

Right. How many job opportunites have you asked your employer for permission to go out of your way to explore then been told you are the leading candidate only to tell them …

"Im a happy camper where I am, sorry, should have told you that sooner, hope I didnt waste everyones time "?

If we ever send someone to MTL to become a GM, I say it has to be a dud like the one they sent us back in 2006.

Great to hear that Shawn Burke is still with the Cats ! Let’s get better for 2020 . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( le vieux )

I find these real-time updates to be a little strange.

Bombers’ Danny McManus eliminated from Alouettes general manager consideration

What’s next - play-by-play while the interviews are being conducted?

“Candidate X breezed through the first two questions, but sources say his long-winded and noncommittal answer on the third question will hurt his chances.”

The reason is that Wally Buono is a consultant with the Als in their search for a GM. And he’s in BC.

Dork: I’ll bet no other CFL team saw Burke’s decision to stay in Hamilton as a waste of their time.
Moving from team to team is normal practice. They are used to it.

Don’t blame Burke for avoiding the job. Like others have mentioned, no owner and already selected coaching staff. Far from ideal for a new GM.

Good point MJ . My first reaction was that the possible new Als owner lived in BC but your view makes much more sense . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the old dude )

It could be possible that Mitchell said to Burke,
Go ahead and interview with MTL for their GM’s job,
I would appreciate it if you would come back and talk to me before you sign anything with them. :wink:

Yeesh, MTL isn’t anywhere close to new ownership yet!!!

No wonder he declined the job.

Eventually the league will find a new owner who won’t mind the nice big tax right off.


Zurkowksy is a good source in Montreal but the new owner, Gary Stern, seemed quite confident, on Monday, that he’d be announcing his new president, and a new GM, by Friday. From that, I’d be quite surprised if Burke was in his mind.