Shaw top performers leader board error

not sure about any other players but the points for Reilly is wrong. They failed to add his points for players of the month for October. Should be a total of 410, not 310. Makes one wonder how much we can depend on info like stats and such on Doesn't anybody double check?

I am always assuming there is a strong chance the stats are in error here.

Could you provide the URL to what you're looking at?

The stuff that's displayed on, be it a game's box score or a league-wide stats page, occur through a computer summing together totals. As long as the data for a game is correct, they'll be correct. To make sure a game's stats are correct, a member of the five-person stats crew at each stadium audits the game's data, and then the chief statistician at an off-site location does so again. The two teams playing in the game also weigh in whereas their stats are concerned (because things like player bonuses are on the line).

Graphics shared on social media are more error prone - they manually copy and sum numbers from and like in this case occasionally miss something.

here you go

mike Reilly had 310 points before being named 2nd player of the month for October

two second place player of the week at 50 each
one fan choice at 10
one first place player of the month at 200
one second place player of the month at 100

total 410

Yeah, that's a page put together by either editorial or communications staff. I'll let them know that they've made an error somewhere here.

Thanks. Thumbs up.