Shaw released

As per today's spec Shaw has been released due to his mistakes and inability to lead on the field.

hopefully Maas is next. Also get rid of Ralph. Give Jesse and Corey more rushing attempts. Get rid of Radelin too.

Well he could be the next to lose his starting job !

good reads. Thanks Dave. now maybe if we could change the offense to a run-heavy offense with more zone blocking.

Hopefully some players will get their game on as the gravy train for underacheivers is no more.

Shaw released…WOOHOO!!!

You know, I didn't think much of Shaw's performance during his time here, but I don't think it's appropriate to celebrate the guy's release. Yes, he couldn't perform to our expectations, but the previous & current coaching staffs are the ones who put him out there. At least the current regime can recognize that he's not the answer at safety, while the previous one couldn't.

Good luck to him.

I'm happy he is off this team, however I wish him best of luck with further football opportunities. It is always rough to see someone lose their job like this.

Miller hit it right on the head. I`m glad that he will be traded or released, but I wish him well in his future endeavors.

The current coaches evaluated all players at camp.

They not only chose to keep Wayne Shaw and cut other players, they also chose him to start at safety.

Of course the current regime has the responsibility to evaluate talent.

I think it is. This is nothing personal. I don't know Wayne Shaw to judge him as a person. But I can judge him as a football player and I did not, at all, like his play at the safety position from day one of him becoming a Tiger-Cat.

I love my Cats, and if a player that I think is detrimental to the team's success is released, then I will celebrate. I'm not celebrating his misfortune, but rather the prospect of the team's improvement.

Nothing personal, and good luck to Wayne Shaw.

Well said. I completely agree. I knew it was coming, but I can't be overjoyed about a guy who has a family support being out of a job.


But, it's like any other job. If you don't perform up to the bosses' requiements, then your gone.

In other words...hike the ball directly to Jesse who can hand it off to Corey.

Wow! What a plan Stan!

Hey... it could the D wouldn't expect it.. :lol: :lol:

There are 2 other QBs on the roster. Maybe one of them could hand the ball off. A radical suggestion to be sure but entirely within the realm of possibility

Wayne SHAW couldn't cut it at safety. We could probably have kept him as a backup Canadian at one of the halfback spots, but, he's 33 and he is as good as he is gonna get, so I agree to cut our losses and make a change now.

KUDOS to Taafe and Desjardins for acknowledging this now and moving forward, contrary to former Cat management who made fans of this team suffer week in and week out watching players who were clearly incompetent.

O hell I was wishing we would of traded him to Sask. :frowning:

Richard Karikari was at Safety Yesterday at Practice. Using #49

Shaw was one of the more vertically challenged safties in the league. Karikari should be at least a couples of inches closer to knocking down passes.

Good Luck to Mr Shaw.

Ciao baby!