Shaw MOP East and West awards

In every category , a Western sweep , no doubt about it. It’s a shame that they have to pick a player from each division. It should just be the Best 2 players regardless of if it’s East or West for the final nominations…especially this year .

Oh, and just when did the COY Award become an East/West trophy ? Campbell from Ottawa ? what a joke , the East shouldn’t have even been given any consideration when it comes to the Best Coach. No doubt that Dickenson deserves the nomination and will win it in a landslide but in reality he should have been up against either O’Shea or Buono in the finals if you ask me. Sure Campbell’s team ended up in 1rst for a 2nd year in a row but at 4 less wins and below .500 compared to his record in 2015. There is no way that Campbell or any of the other Eastern HC’s should be anywhere near this trophy this year let alone being one of the finalists.

To me, all the League winners will be from the West.


I think Bear Woods and Fantuz have a shot.

I like the West nominees for all the categories as well.

I would have said Banks for special teams, but I am not putting my vote behind a guy who was suspended for 2 games for using a banned substance. Not sure how he was even allowed to be nominated. Exciting players, but should not be considered this year.

Regardless of his probable use of recreational drugs I didn't think Banks had a great year. Especially the second half. I would have chosen Logan to represent the East. At any rate I thought Rainey has, far and away, been the most effective ST player in the league overall. That said I can certainly don't want to underestimate Medlock's role in Winnipeg. He's been awesome. Probably their most valuable player.

All true.

I agree that Banks should not have been allowed to be nominated due to his suspension,
that being said, nor should any player who was suspended during the regular season be nominated for all star or any other player achievement awards.

Banks shouldn't be allowed cause of suspension? thats silly idea

Jon Gott might beat out Dennis. And Fantuz has had a great season and would say he played better than Messam for the most part.

Look at Logan’s ST numbers and tell me the people who nominated Banks pay even the remotest attention to actual performance.

Logan or Banks could easily be nominated. However I think they looked at performance on plays in games. Logan got lots of junk yardage. Banks made plays through out.

It doesn't matter anyway cause Medlock is the best player this season

not a silly idea at all, as there should be repercussions for being suspended, and personal achievement awards is a good starting point.