shaw has to go

Worst safety in the league.Everyone goes down the middle on us,he has no "intimidation factor at all"!START GORDON!!

Are you serious? I thought Shaw played well tonight!

He cant hit... he cant tackle.

He did?..why he broke up one play?..the one he should have picked off and ran it back...guy can't cover,guy can't hit!

I noticed that.

He turns his head a leans his shoulder into the ball carrier who promptly bounces off of him and keeps running.

Gordon should be starting, IMHO. Shaw should be moved back to CB, his natural position. He should have made that pick, but overall he wasn't the reason we lost.

My "Deke McPhee for defensive coordinator" bumper sticker is in the works... LOL :wink:

He can't catch .

thats why he isnt a receiver !!!!
he still broke up that play everyone is talking about ... that is his job by the way, and he also caused a fumble by punching the ball out of a receivers hands when two other defenders couldnt wrap him up.

I'm not defending Shaw at all, but he was one of the few players that showed up last night at all.

Everyone is praising Goss on his huge return, but he was aweful the rest of the night. He should be checking into St.Joseph's hospital "BURN" clinic today.