Shaw has to go

Just watched the replay of last week vs. Calgary down here in the states. Shaw will not lay the boom on anyone. He had a few chances to let Calgary WR's know he was back there and he chose to turn his shoulders. Maybe Cody should be the safety and place someone else in Tay's spot. Again Shaw has to go. His Canadian status is keeping him in the mix. Get rid of the ratio rule.

His Canadian status is keeping him in the mix. Get rid of the ratio rule.

Just thought you'd throw that tidbit in there eh football fan07 as an aside? :wink:

Well it is the CFL, you know the Canadian Football League!

Oh boy, here we go... 8)

The last thing I'd do is move Cody. The guy is a star where he is, at HB, don't try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. Karikari is a natural safety, was an allstar at that position a few years ago, so if you want to bench Shaw there's your replacement.

Now you’ve done it!!

keep Shaw let Marcel go

Marcel is not the one playing. Shaw is holding on simply because he's Canadian. I know we discuss the ratio rule before, but man does it make sense. The best talent should play regardless of citizenship. If the NBA had this silly ratio then someone as great as Steve Nash may have never got his shot at stardom because a less talented American guard took his roster spot. Just my thoughts, but Shaw has to go.

I personally don't mind the rationale behind the ratio as it is. It will be interesting though if some reporter at some time asks the new commissioner to comment on the ratio for interests sakes. And ask players as well as to their opinion.

Yes please get rid of that stupid, bush league ratio rule. It's discriminatory. :thup:

Move Karikari back to Safety. He`s a non-import too...

I happen to like Shaw. So he doesn't lay the big hit, what safety does? I think we were a spoiled with Hitchcock for all those years...but then, Shaw took Hitch's job.

...also, who should we put at safety? Beveridge? He's been on the team for what, 4 years, and he still hasn't earned a starting job, that's not good. There's your case for a guy who's on a team because of the Canadian ratio.

PC45.........scroll up a few posts, I said who should go in at safety if Shaw gets benched.

Wayne Shaw should be watching this game from the sidelines with his dancing partner Ralph Brock,he does not have a clue on how the position is tobe played.Coach taffe will figure this out pretty fast and both of these underachievers will be gone by the 4th game at the latest.I am critiquing them as Football Players and warriors and l do not care if they spend their free time helping little old ladies cross Barton Street at rush hour!

Hey fan 07

You're right on the money re: Shaw.
He was the weakest player we had last year on a 4-14 team. Our opponents were throwing deep on us at will. He never seemed to be in on the play until it was too late. He wasn't going to hit anybody with any authority out there, so the receivers basically ran free, deep on us.
No doubt he's on a short leash this year with the amount of Canadian talent we have this year. :cowboy:

You can tell Shaw is afraid to hit or tackle…
ever see when a receiver is running towards him, he lets him pass so he doesn’t have to tackle him straight on…then he jumps on his back and tries to knock the football out…after the reciever gains another 10 yards. :lol: .

I really liked Nick Kordic's pre-season but he is on the practice roster so I doubt he will ever start this year. He sticks his nose into whatever he can around him.. great closing ability also.

Kordic is a Canadian too - meaning not good enough - get rid of him as well and the whole lot of them no talent NIs - Shaw, Lumsden, Radlein, Hage, Bekasiak, etc. etc.; you saw how lame that Bauman was in the action he got - a 1st overall draft pick and he can't do anything - what a joke. fan 07 for CFL Commish or at least Ticat HC. Man, there's a lot of football geniuses on this site - if only Marcel and Charlie would listen to them and we could then get to see the best players play and we could start planning the GC parade route.

Brief realitycheck here, guys!

When our defensive line can offer serious pressure on the QB, and/or shut down a running game such as Reynolds and Burris threw at us, the DB's and all will be seen in an entirely different light.

They've played one game, and, I grant, lost it big time, just as much and offensive issue as a Defensive one.

If you want it to be a Canadian Football League, you are going to have to accept the Union rules, that there shall be "x" many Canadians on the roster...get used to it, or get off the site and try to buy Bill's tickets (they have even less championships than the Cats)