Shaw Cable Customers

Just a quick note that on Fri Sept 19 Shaw will be Broadcasting TSN2. For Vancouver and lower mainland customers with HD it will be on CH216 as far as on analogue not sure where . All other areas on Shaw will have it as well but not sure where on the Dial.
Now we will be able to at least watch the Als and Esks Game :o :o :o

I knew this would happen. THIS is why this game is on TSN2.

I guess you didn't see the threads that have been made for this already..

I have seen all the threads on this... In fact I started one 3 weeks ago.... This thread is VERY useful in the fact that I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE GAME.... So keep your sarcastic comments to yourself.

sorry must have missed it I seen the ones for bell, but not for Shaw, sorry my bad.

Do you mean Sunday sept. 21?

You are a evil evil man.... You really know how to break a guys heart

Do you mean Sunday sept. 21?
No to your TV FRI

Not sure if this clears or muddies the whole thing but what oilerrocker was pointing out is that starting on Friday September 19, Shaw will be carrying TSN2. If you have Shaw, check your local listings.

[url=] ... -tsn2.aspx[/url]