shaw awards

so happy for burris and sinopoli. :rockin:

Thanks to Burris & the RedBlacks for an exciting year of football. 8)

Good Luck in the Grey Cup! :smiley:

So a team in its second year is in the league final, has more individual awards than all other teams and the oldest MVP in league history. And people think this is a good thing?

Congrats to Brandon Speedy Banks!!!

It's not a bad thing. :wink:

It just means people from the east don't watch a lot of western teams play.

Isn't it time we came up with a name for these awards? The east/west reps win an award with a name but the league award is named after the current sponsor? Shenley, Gibson, Shaw ect.

Sponsorship is not the issue, I think there should be a name for the individual trophy that stays with that award regardless of who's sponsoring.

Congrats to Burris and the rest of the winners. I don't see a problem with a 2nd year team winning most of the awards, just means they had the majority of the best individual players at their positions in the league.

I don't usually say this, but I agree with Duane Forde. For the awards, its time to scrap the East/West format. Let's have the 2-3 top nominees for each award and pick the winner.

Do you think they should be disqualified from individual awards by mere virtue of being in their second year? :?

Burris had a great year ... FULL props for thus year ... what he did is there to see in black and white.

But so did Kerry Joseph the year he won.

One season doesn't change my long-held opinion that Burris is not a QB I would want to build a team around, nor one I place on any list of CFL greats.