Shaun Suisham

I wonder on whose negotiation list is Shaun Suisham, recent cut by Washington Redskins.

He not a very good Kicker
I don't care if he Canadian ...
I Rather Keep Nick,90475

Field Goals Made 26
Field Goals Attempted 36
Field Goal % 72.2
Long Field Goal 52
And the above 100 yarder in practice....pretty good!

He was, at one time, and likely is still on EDM's Neg List

My guess is Edmonton would want a Canadian Lineman Prospect for his rights not worth it .

Cause of shaun’s Accuracy

He's too unreliable which is why he's unemployed today.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's been a few years since he was drafted and I think it was Edmonton. But I wonder if they would still want him as they have Prefontaine and young Derek Schiavone as their Canadian kickers.
They could use him though as trade bait to get somebody's high draft pick. The trouble there would appear the need for kickers by all eight teams. Winnipeg might be interested or Toronto if Medlock goes back to the NFL.
I sure Mr. Suisham will explore all other NFL interest before looking north.

Jeremy Ito did a good job and he is young. I say bring him back next year. I would love to see him be the place kicker and Setta our Punter but that's not to likely to happen in the CFL.