shaun king out of the picture ?

i belive shaun king is going to be cut because he stuggled in the scrimmige and has not put in the WOW factor that the coach have been hopeing for let me now what u r thinking

Im thinking he has now had 1 set of reps as a CFL QB in fast pace situation. He isnt going to be cut because of a scrimmage.

Where did you hear that?

Shaun King will get some preseason game reps against Winnipeg -- I would expect quite a bit on Thursday. Until the preseason games are done, no QB will be cut according to Taaffe.

So King and the other contenders in the QB mix are going to have to impress in those games and in practices. Unless Maas completely tanks it, Jason will be the starter from everythingI'm hearing out of camp.

Gleaning from what I've read here, Maas and Chang have been the best pivots so far. We shall see what shakes down in the next couple of weeks.

Oski Wee Wee,

i am not saying he going to be cut because of the black and gold game i am just not think that he will be one of our 3 qb because he don't think he will stetla for a 2,3 postion

i would love to see him play for us but it is his persona that worrys me

Don't Expect Much There going to play a very Plain Version of Charlie offence in the Peg.

King will get Get Look there but he needs to Impress The Coaches to stay .

Two Points I must express.

1- learn to spell & put a proper sentence together.
2- He'll settle for a pay cheque plain & simple. whether its as backup or 3rd string.

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I was just about to lay into bulldog57 for his/her blatant lack of understanding for the english language...

Then I saw this reply.

You're throwing stones. Take a look at your own reply and then throw stones.

I too am not perfect with my grammar. From this point on I will not point out anyones faults.

Now, to the point of the original post, I don't think that Shaun King will be cut because of a black and gold game. I really do think that King will turn out to be a VERY good CFL quarterback.

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In the real world, you will be taken seriously if you sound serious. No one is asking for perfection because we all make mistakes. I'm sure that most will agree that if we have to read something over and to understand what a poster is trying to say.....we wont bother, and that does not make for interesting conversations.

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Getting back on-topic, in the Spec today (as RFTT pointed out in another thread), King, Williams, and Chang (what a name for a law firm... lol) will be making the trip to Winterpeg for Thursday`s game. This will be a wake-up call for these quarterbacks, since only Williams has had experience in running an offence on a 20-second play clock.

I`m hopiong that King can pull up his socks and pin his ears back and show the leadership that he SHOULD have as a former NFL QB.

I`m also looking for Chang to prove himself as well. I just cannot see Williams performing that as well as the others (except, perhaps, Butler).

I've always liked Dewey Cheatum and Howe.

The trio making the trip to the land of black flies and Old Dutch chips should make for an interesting game given their lack of CFL experience.

3 Stooges fan?

The idea of playing 3 QBs in the 1st game is to see which 2 in the mix will stay. MAAS & Butler sitting till Game #2 tells me that they are pretty much 'locked up'. The real question will be the 1st 3 in game #1.
So, seeing there are 4 quarters, & only 3 QBs, tells me 1 QB will likely play the half, and the other 2 QBs will split a quarter each.
Also, since Winnepeg will be playing their rookies as well, says that it will be a simplified offense/defense, so each QB should be able to exploit. If 1 falters, odds are he will be the man out.
The real question will be: "What if all 3 falter?'

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