Shaun King a TiCat ??????

8) According to this mornings Spectator, the Cats are still very keen on signing former Buc QB Shaun King !!! Marcel says they have spoken to King's agent and are waiting to hear back from him. The Cats would like to ink him to a 2 year contract at least and would want him at training camp in June !!!

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Interesting though if he's at camp for sure.

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But do you think we really could use him at camp with what we have now? I don't know and he could have an attitude if he thinks he will just come in and be the starter because he had some good NFL years.

This sounds like the "powers that be" don't have enough confidence in what we have right now!

It woudn't surprise me at all to see another QB in training camp!

Since the article says Shaun King contacted us,
why speculate that he has a bad attitude, Earl?

He must have liked what he saw when he was
wined and dined in a mid-season visit in 2005.

As far as I am concerned, when somebody displays a bad attitude
then I will concede that that person has a bad attitude.

Until them I will give that person the benefit of the doubt.

Fasten your seatbelts gang, there may be a blockbuster trade about to happen.

Marcel has the first pick in the draft (which he's on record as being willing to trade) and, if King signs, no fewer than five Qbs (King, Maas, Butler, Chang, and Williams). Can you see a package deal of one QB plus the draft pick to someone for a really good package?

I'm not saying it will happen, but it might...

Stay tuned

Believe it or not but if healthy I think Maas will be a better QB than King.

I bet Butler, Williams and Chang are just thrilled.

I bet Butler, Williams and Chang are just thrilled.
Add Maas in there....I think it breaks down like this.

Its either Maas or King and then the other 3 fight for two spots.

He not even Sign yet ..
King has no CFL Experience
Buttler and Maas Willams Do.

I Rather have a QB With CFL Experience

I Don't want another Tim Rosenba

Exactly. To think Maas has to be concerned about half-arsed interest from King is a bit of a joke.

If Maas's injury was corrected then Maas is far and away clearly the best QB going into camp.Even if he's still a bit dinged up he's still the best.

Eakins couldn't beat out an injured Maas and he was another backup Maas was supposed to be "worried" about.

I agree that a blockbuster trade may be in the works. Maas was Marshall's guy. Honestly, I think Chang will be Taaffe's guy, with Butler as the backup.

Trust me I not Huge Maas Fan.
He Still Better then anything else we have at this point.

If Jason Learns to Better QB On and Off the Field
Then Maybe He win over all of us one day.

I willing to give the chance are You ?

To think Maas has to be concerned about half-arsed interest from King is a bit of a joke.
I disagree...King is only brought in to compete against Maas not any of the others. There will only be room for one of them.

If King does come to this league I don't think he will be ready to start...It is very rare a quarterback with no CFL experience comes in and wins a starting job...If Maas isn't the starter come opening day I will lose all hope for this season (unless of course we make a trade for a proven CFL starter, which is almost impossible in a league with only about 5 to 10)

After the Timm Rosenbach "rosendebacle" of the 1990s, I have greeted the proverbial "NFL saviour" routine with a smidgeon of sodium. :wink:

King has some tools that lend himself to the Canadian game, but he will have to prove himself if he does decide to take up the Cats' second approach to him.

I have never been a fan of his decision-making skills in the games I've seen him play. Unlike another Bucs QB of the past, Trent Dilfer, King hasn't shown he can manage a game effectively on a consistent basis. His overall talents don't wow me, frankly, so the ability to not make critical mistakes in key situations to shut down drives is a more pressing factor in his case. I am more influenced by what I saw of him in the 1999 and 2000 playoff years, so what he has/hasn't been able to accomplish in the intervening years as mainly a backup doesn't register so much.

Like the Stamps' signing of Akili Smith, if there is football left in his tank, more power to the Tabbies getting him in to compete for the starter's job with the others. Nonetheless, I am more persuaded by a guy's wish to be in the mix (e.g. Butler's and Chang's eagerness to come to Tigertown) than what I've seen in the yet-to-be-consummated Cats-King fling thing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Point of interest.

Despite the title of Ken 'Jeepers Creepers" Peters article
in the Hamilton Spectator yesterday,

'Cats make pass at QB'

and the misleading first sentence...

'The Tiger-Cats are trolling for former seven-year veteran
National Football League quarterback Shaun King.'

Ticat President Scott Mitchell is quoted in the article as saying.

'...excerpt...King called the Tabbies to express interest
in possibly coming to Steeltown this spring'.

Here is the whole article from yesterday.

click here

It is also rare to start in the NFL as a rookie.

Shaun King did!!!

He started the last 5 games for the Bucs in his rookie year and took the team to the NFC Championship game as a rookie.
He started all 16 games in his second season and had a 14-8 record as a starting QB with T. Bay.

Yeah and the majority of his wins were 9-6 ball games. And the NFC championship game was a 9-6 loss.