Sharing the blame!

April 10, 2006
Sharing the blame
When it comes to CFL football in Ottawa, Bernie and Lonie Glieberman are now officially two-time losers. But the real losers, of course, are the true sports fans of Ottawa.

I say "true" fans for a reason. Because in my opinion, a lot of people who call themselves "sports" fans are actually "win" fans. In other words, as long as my team "just wins, baby!" I'll keep buying tickets.

But for a true sports fan, that's not the way it works.

In Ottawa, a lot of people said they wouldn't come to the games as long as the Gliebermans were running the show. It reminds me of the supposed baseball fans in Montreal who boycotted the Expos because the owners kept selling off their talented players and failed to build a new ballpark downtown. But by refusing to support the home team, who are you really hurting?


He'll just use the money he was losing on the 'Gades to top-up Lonie's trust fund.

No, the only person who gets hurt by staying away from the game based on principle ... is you.

You see, a true sports fan doesn't get so hot and bothered over results. It's the game they fell in love with first, not the team, and even when the home team stinks, there's still a lot to love -- even if you're a Renegades fan.

Watching an up-and-coming receiver like the speedy Jason Armstead.

Enjoying some of the opposition talent, even the ancient Damon Allen as he orchestrates the offence of the hated Argos.

Or simply closing your eyes and sniffing the scent of popcorn and listening to the "PLUNK!" of the pigskin, as it's punted into the autumn air.

I know it wasn't always easy to be a football fan in Ottawa. But as the old song says, “Love Hurts" and in the end, the true fans in Ottawa were let down by people who became too obsessed with Bernie, Lonie and losing.

3 time losers! They owned Shreveport!!!!

In hindsight they should have folded the team before they allowed these clowns back in.

I can just see Forrest Gregg, What when did they say we are not going to play this year! First I have heard of it!

good article. exactly how I feel.