Share your favourite Bomber play

1958 Empire Stadium. Jim Van Pelt hands off to Leo Lewis at the Tiger-Cat 27, and Lewis runs wide right with Tiger-Cats in hot pursuit. Suddenly Lewis stops and throws deep left to an un-manned Van Pelt. The latter scores easily. It was the turning point. We sang 'Hang Down Your Head, Jim Trimble". The Esks had won The Cup 54, 55, and 56. Now we were becoming the Dynasty!

If I factored in game importance I would say it was Michael Gray’s interception near the goal line to perserve the 1988 Grey Cup. Matt Dunigan, the Lion’s quarter-back, lead an efficient drive down the field in what certainly appeared as doom for the Bombers.

I recall an exhibition game from the early 70’s in which Don Shanklin, either a wide receiver or slot-back, ran a wheel route and caught a pass after he positioned himself in such way that it was ‘over the shoulder’ yet his body was lateral to the ground. I can’t remember if he made the team eventually, who the quarterback was that threw him the ball, or which team they were playing against. Just the name and the image of that catch will always stay with me.

While I was thinking of trick plays, like Grant's flea-flicker, Charlie Sheppard's quick kicks, etc, or or special plays like lewis's dipsy-doodles, or anybody's Hail Marys, I never even thought of easy stuff like Gray's catch--and you're absolutely right. I remember how elated I was with that turn of events. Good choice!

Too young to have seen any of that. In my lifetime it has to be the 100 yard miracle by Uncle Milty.

Good choice. How much excitement has that man provided us? You're never too young; just think, you'll carry on the tradition and bleed blue long after I'm gone. Good on you!

There was a camera focused upon Danny Maciocia during that entire play. His reaction as the play developed reminded me of the Vincent Van Gopher character from the Deputy Dawg cartoon! It was priceless.

I would have to say the miracle catch also. every time I watch that, it brings joy to me.

^^^^^^^ That was a great game boy!

Don't be surprised if Milt gets both his ring and Cup Game MVP. Of all the Bomber receivers, I'll bet Milt has been prepping Dinwiddie the most.

early sixties.....last play of a final game in the Peg against the stamps....Bombers behind by 1 ....BigBlue tried kicking for the single point and only hit the end-zone....on instructions from the stamps bench Harvey Wiley their punter,,,rather than give up the single was told to return the kick if he couldn't run it out ...He fielded the ball and promptly kicked it right into the bread-basket of Farrel Funston who just fell on it for the over.. Bombers went on...and the sad Stamps went home...great memory... :rockin:

Most recent for me is Stegall's 100 yard romp at the dying minutes of an Edmonton victory which resulted in a Bomber Win. I didn't see the game but I have heard radio annoucner Bob Irving,CJOB680 repeat his broadcast. Bomber's are loosing and Winnipeg has the ball. Irving is announcing the game and has a very monitone voice at the ball is thrown. Stegall catches the ball and begins running. Irvings voice begins going into orbit as he announces Stegall's progress down the field, He's at the 50, he's at the 45, he's at the 40 ....... he's at the 10 , he's at the 5, TOUCHDOWN. Bomber's win. It has been shown on TV numerous times and will continue to be shown.

Thank you for all your posts of games gone by. This is a great time to bring up memories of the past. It doesn't matter if they are new or old stories.

I have a list of Posters who were around in the 50's, 60's and 70's . They are, IndianJack, BigBlew, Papazoola, Zealot, GC2007, Fear the Bombers, BBF in TO, Doc, Fingers and Frances235. Sorry if I missed anyone. If you want to get in touch with any of these people via Private Message, You can find some of them on various posts on this board or at the BlueBomber forum.

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Haha ya. Everytime I see that play I literally get chills. But here's to making some new memories today.

One of the most memorable plays for me was Greg Battle's interception for a touchdown in the Grey Cup game vs. the Eskimos. After Battle got a hold of the ball he ran through the Esks like a bull through a China shop and stiff armed somebody on the way to the endzone. Final score 50-11 Blue. It took away the pain of all those close playoff losses to the Esks in the 70's. I still hate the Eskimos and hope they never make the playoffs ever again--ever! City of Champions--City of Chumps, that's what they are now. Not that I'm bitter or anything like that. :twisted:

I loved that story. Hilarious.