Share your favourite Bomber game

Mine was the third game of the 1953 Western Final in Edmonton. The Bombers were down 24-12 with less than ten minutes remaining. What's worse, Edmonton had the ball on our 20 yard. 15-years-old, I sat amongst all those happy Esk fans devastated. Claude Arnold passed to...Oops, Dave Skrien intercepted and flipped the ball to Tom Casey. Speedy Dr. Casey went the distance. 24-18. Indian Jack went deep to Neil Armstrong for another score. 24-24. Indian Jack went deep to Bud Grant. Buddy Korchak converted them all. Final: Wpg 30, Edm 24. Edmontonians complained that Arnold should never have passed when the game was "in the bag". Maybe so, but no matter what their complaints, they couldn't wipe that smile off my face.

I’ll try this without research, the '84 Grey Cup. It was the relief factor of finally ending a Cup drought. The Bombers made a trade with the Ti-Cats that year, Brock for Clements, and they ended up facing each other.

Hamilton played error-free in the first quarter and put us in a fairly deep hole, but we stormed back with something like 33 points in the second quarter to basically settle it by half-time.

Clements went off the field at one point, (think it was in the second quarter) and I thought if it was any serious injury, that the drought would continue. There he was on the bench rinsing off a new contact lens to replace the one that popped out!

Sean Kehoe was named top Canadian, and Joe Poplawski played the game of his life, including a circus catch in the third quarter at a time when it looked like the Ti-Cats may be regaining momentum.

That was an awesome game, and the only football game I ever made a bet on. $100. My wife, a bottle of CC, and I watched the entire game in our bed in Victoria. A hundred bucks was a lot to us then, and I remember being frightened at the outset--but the rest of the game I knew his hundred was in my pocket. It was very rare after that that my wife watched a game with me. Maybe I should have put money on the line more often.

One of my favorites was at the stadium against the Eskimos when Dunigan threw for 7xx yards.
It was awesome being there, and later getting a cap auto'd by the man himself! 8)

The Stegall record game woulda been nice, but I couldn't get there, BOOOO! :cry:

You picked a good one and CAPped it with his autograph. Great. Reminds me of the only autographs I got at Winnipeg Stadium: Foster Hewitt and a movie starlet Corrine Calvert. They were there to help open the Stadium. In those days it was referred to as 'The House that Jack Built'. That's Indian Jack Jacobs, of course.

"Foster Hewitt and a movie starlet Corrine Calvert"
Way Cool!!!
And yes, Jacobs it is!

....the most one-sided Grey Cup i ever witnessed at B.C. Place.. Bombers over Esks.. a great game for the BigBlue....50-7 blowout i believe was the final score...every Bomber qb. got into the game...paricularly remember McManus throwing darts down-field and destroying the Esks. secondary.....kinda one-sided ...but if you wanted the Bombers to had to just wallow in that one :smiley:

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Most recent for me is Stegall's 100 yard romp at the dying minutes of an Edmonton victory which resulted in a Bomber Win. I didn't see the game but I have heard radio annoucner Bob Irving,CJOB680 repeat his broadcast. Bomber's are loosing and Winnipeg has the ball. Irving is announcing the game and has a very monitone voice at the ball is thrown. Stegall catches the ball and begins running. Irvings voice begins going into orbit as he announces Stegall's progress down the field, He's at the 50, he's at the 45, he's at the 40 ....... he's at the 10 , he's at the 5, TOUCHDOWN. Bomber's win. It has been shown on TV numerous times and will continue to be shown.

Thank you for all your posts of games gone by. This is a great time to bring up memories of the past. It doesn't matter if they are new or old stories.

I have a list of Posters who were around in the 50's, 60's and 70's . They are, IndianJack, BigBlew, Papazoola, Zealot, GC2007, Fear the Bombers, BBF in TO, Doc, Fingers and Frances235. Sorry if I missed anyone. If you want to get in touch with any of these people via Private Message, You can find some of them on various posts on this board or at the BlueBomber forum.

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IndianJack. If you go to the history link at and click on the "history" tab you will see links to the Hall of Fame, Grey Cups and All Time Greats. There is a brief bio under "All Time Greats" on your buddy, Jack Jacobs.

Tell us about the Grey Cup in China. Do you get together with other Canadians to watch it. What happens. Are you near a Canadian Embassy where you can watch it.

I remember being all excited about going to my first Bomber game. It was the debut of Benji Dial, Winnipeg's new QB. I think it was in '71 so I would have been 16 years old.

A few hours prior to the game I was reading a clip in the Free Press about his pending debut, and with a name like that I just knew the scoreboard was going to get lit up really good.

So the 'Riders were in town and I secured a seat in the north end-zone, stomach all aknot from the excitement. Well, only ONE play did stand out. In the last minute of play the Bomber's safety Paul Brule (#32) was in the endzone to field a 'Rider's field-goal attempt with the score already tied. All the other fans around me were buzzing that Brule was going to punt it out of the end-zone rather then run it out. I think the 'Riders had two cracks at winning as there was a flag on the first try. They made the second one; final score 5-2! Yep they lit it up really good!! But the first game you go to is still special.