Share the Blame

Lots of blame being bandied about today. Coaches, special teams, officials, players giving up, defence, defensive co-ordinator, Hamilton Spectator, injuries, injury to Speedy, etc, etc.

IMO, the blame for the loss rests squarely on the shoulders of the Ottawa Redbacks. They came out flat, got lost in the Ward FG hype, took the first half right on the chin, and then came out, regrouped and played well enough to win. Not only the half, but the game.

They played a heck of a second half, at home, and did just enough to pull out a come from behind victory. I disagree that we somehow lost this one because of our incompetence and poor play. Ottawa just plain beat us by being the better team over-all. Accept it and move on with life.

Ottawa wouldn’t have built momentum if the Ticats didn’t hand it to them through all the untimely penalties extending drives and leading to majors. It was a one sided penalty fest for which they are completely and 100% good to take a good long look in the mirror for. They sucked. Not the sort of football that instills any pride in me whatsoever. All it does is infuriate me.

To Palmer: A great assessment of exactly what happened last night. You hit the nail right on the head!!!

x2. There's no magic to this. We just plain lost to a pretty good team. I'm disappointed of course, wish we had won. But I'm a lot more concerned about losing Banks.

Blame? You forgot Justin Trudeau. Everyone blamea him for everything!

Here's the thing. They're not that good. We lost to a team that we are better than on paper but always seems to have our number.

I can lose to Calgary like that, but to be honest the only other team in the league that scares me right now is Winnipeg.

If we lose a game in a shootout where both teams execute that's football. But we lost a game we really had no business losing because our coaching staff failed to make any adjustments as Ottawa did, and mentally our players imploded and made some really stupid mistakes that they do not make against teams they where we are clearly better.

I really do believe that we have a game plan, against bad teams we just overpower them with our game plan and beat them. Against good teams and coaches we have to have a secondary approach, and Jones/Glanville don't have one.

I haven’t played competitive sports since high school, many, many years ago. I coached minor hockey for over twenty years, some baseball, some soccer, never football. I found that sometimes you can beat a better team, sometimes you lose to worse teams. But over-all, I found the better team on the day usually finds a way to win. Or as Kent Austin would say it, if we should have won, we would have won.

I think Ottawa played the better game, got the better breaks, and made more from their breaks than did Hamilton. Further, I think Hamilton wanted to win, and expected to win, just as much as Ottawa did. We fell short, by what, 5 points in a hostile stadium. We can still tie them, and with a little help from the hated Argos finish in first. Not saying we will, but we can.

We all hate to lose, all feel frustrated when we do, but its still the best game in town. Time to stop lashing out and gear up for next week.

Finishing at .500 is this organizations goal year after year. It’s considered a success.

If Jones, Glanville or media tried to sell this pablum I would be furious.

Complete cop out and wuss out and at least one other term that can't be used.

What's to blame is exactly what's getting blamed.

Almost as bad as post BC game Jones saying "that decision wasn't why we lost".

“The other team gets paid to make plays too”

is what lame duck coaches with no answers say usually just before they are fired.

It never ever works in helping fans accept a loss.

Ever. Because it’s weak

I was at the game last night and the Cats quite frankly sucked in the second half. I think that the Cats beat themselves more then the RedBlacks actually played better.

  1. Special teams - was positively atrocious and the idiot that received the roughing the kicker penalty should have been sent to the showers and fined because that play to us there watching sealed the cats fate. Why is Freddie Williams still returning kicks? We need a player with better speed and one that can make some plays which is something he is not capable of. The Cats had terrible field starting points the entire second half due to poor special teams.

  2. Defense - How this coaching staff still can not make any second half adjustments is positively mind boggling. The momentum of the game actually started to swing in the last few minutes of the second half. This is when the defense basically checked out of the game. In the second half to a man they were brutal. While it is easy to blame the officials the reality is the defense took so many stupid idiotic penalties in the second half they actually handed the game to the Redblacks. The Redblacks offense was only able to do anything because the defense sucked so bad. The secondary was invisible and Harris was able to own them. Richard Leonard was owned so badly it was embarrassing. Why keep him in that position all night when he struggled bad at it?

  3. Playcalling - was once again highly questionable. I swear they called the same run play all night and it usually only was in the 1 to 4 yard gain. Both teams suffered from this and fans around me were predicting the play. I swear it would kill June Jones to mix up the running game. Call some other plays and for the love of God let White, Timmis, or Thomas-Erlington into the game. I am not sure Alex Green was ever off the field. The run game will never work when it is the same repetitive crap Jones was doing. If Joe Average fan in the stands can call your plays then you are in trouble.

With Speedy B out for the season now they had better hoped that Sinkfield can step up and become the saviour. Tasker can not do it all alone and the team for what ever reasons does not use Buran much which I think is a mistake.

Maybe weak, but very true. Ottawa did play as well last night, and Ottawa won. I'd wager my month's salary that they developed a game plan that they thought would beat the Cats and practiced it over the preceding week. It worked.

The only time a team is guaranteed a win is when they play intrasquad. You can fume, fuss, and fiddle all you like, but the fact is, our opponents sometimes win because they are the better team.

I agree whole-heartedly. I think we have good game plans against the better teams as well but they just make adjustments quicker and we never adjust ours.