Share a football photo of yourself

Ok, anyone have a photo of themselves playing football at one time? I was looking through my old photos last night and saw this in my file, high school football in London, Ontario Nov. 28, 1972 at J.W. Little Memorial Stadium on the University of Western Ontario campus where the Mustangs used to play. We used to play the odd game at Western. That's me catching a pass between two defenders. Note the cast on left wrist, played the whole season with a broken bone in my wrist which eventually healed during the off season. Man, what a tough guy I was, eh! (Not really, just could run fast and catch a ball but not big enough or fast enough for university ball.)

So share one if you have it, touch football whatever.

Wow Earl....You are really showing your age! Check out the time clock!

Me on the other hand....We didn't have camera's back in those days! :wink:

cool pic

I'll post a pic of myself when I played football in Middle School (Ironically, the team name was the Mustangs as well :shock:) when I find it, but I'll post it on my Pics thread in the off topic section.

yes KK, I should have put this there also. Maybe the mods will move it.
Hey Sportsmen, wow, you are even older than I am I see. Now let me see, when were cameras actually invented? Hmm....

Camera's were envented after Fred and Barney retired from the Rock Quarry.....I beleive Barney invented them! :wink:

....i'm afraid i look like Fred in the playing days....hence no one bothered to take a pic'....they had cameras ...just no wide-angle features... :wink:

Can you guys explain to me how to post a picture because i have a really good one of myself from a game last year but i dont know how to put it on the forum...

k i just figured it out about a month or 2 ago, and its really easy
1)first it has to be saved in your documents or pictures or whatever (mine is in my pictures)
2)make an account on photobucket…its free(thats what i did)
3)after u make the account, to put a pic in ur album click on browse and go to the pic from where u have it stored and double click…then i think there is a button that says ‘send’…clikc on that and its in ur album
4)to put it in a post copy the image link that the pic has and paste it in here or wherever u want a pic

thats how u do it :thup:

I use to upload images. No registering or anything, just upload.

I was looking at old yearbooks but the only one I'm in is the team picture...our school didn't believe in promoting their "stars". :slight_smile:

Maybe some of the ex cheerleaders could turn back the clock and post a picture as well.