Shaq Attack!

Shaq Cooper is the rising star running back that most CFL fans never heard of. Cooper is from a small school in Fort Hays State and at 5’ 10" 190 pounds is not an imposing figure. Yet, he is a slashing speed back that is a home run threat every time he touches the ball, either as a carrier or as a receiver. He is both elusive and explosive getting to the second level quickly.

Tonight against the Als, Cooper should explode on the scene. Some will say he is Shakir Bell 2.0, but although Bell is actually faster he is also smaller at 5’ 6" 180 pounds and seemingly less durable. Montreal gives up about 5 yards per carry and the Esks about 5.5 yards per carry. Can Cooper out dual Sutton tonight? In a word, yes.

One should fully expect Cooper to bounce it outside unlike Gable who is more a straight ahead power runner. If the Als attack the gaps, Cooper is going to use his speed to get outside and then throw it into another gear for big gains spreading the defense wide.

Looking forward to watch Shaq Cooper open some eyes tonight.

Will the Esks go back to Gable, of course they will, but Cooper will give the offense a different look and will make the Als adjust to his running style.

Great game by the rookie Shaq Cooper who had 102 yards on the ground and another 41 through the air with 1 TD and the setup of another at the 1 yard line.

Why was Cooper so successful? The Als blitzing pass rush was exposed time and time again by Cooper and Bryant Mitchellunderneath and in the flat. Coopers TD reception was exactly that … a pass into the flat as the Als sent the house and then an 11 yard scamper to the corner of the end zone.

Some people thought that the Lions have the blueprint to stopping the Esks offense, but the Esks have adjusted. They can dink and dunk, power run, spread horizontally and vertically. It comes down to punch and counter punching adjustments in the game planning of the Esks.

I expect Gable to be in next game against the Ti-Cats as they have a lousy run defense. Keeping Cooper in as a change of pace and receiving back would be optimum. That would mean that Kenny Staffordwould be the most likely target to come out with Vidal Hazelton coming in at SB for blocking purposes and Mitchell moving outside to WR. Mitchell outside along with Derel Walker would allow the Esks to spread horizontally versus the pass rush and then run inside. If the Ti-Cats load the box then use Cooper to expose the edges.

We will see what happens, but Cooper gives the Eskies many options.

I was impressed with Cooper. They used him well to take pass rush pressure off of Reilly. I think the Eskimos will have to add more screen passes and draw plays to prevent opposing defenses from clobbering Reilly all the time.

Mitchell looked good as well. Good to have yet another receiver option that opposing defenses needs to worry about!

Great call on Shaq Cooper! He rewarded me handsomely in TSN Fantasy last weekend.

I expect Gable to be in next game against the Ti-Cats as they have a lousy run defense. Keeping Cooper in as a change of pace and receiving back would be optimum. That would mean that[b]Kenny Stafford[/b]would be the most likely target to come out with[b]Vidal Hazelton[/b]coming in at SB for blocking purposes...,.
Can't be done so easily. Keeping Shaq Cooper but reinserting C.J. Gable probably means an import WR will have to be dropped from the roster for the game. But which one? Kenny Stafford?


Think your right it will be Stafford and that means Mitchell goes outside to WR and Hazelton comes inside to SB. We will see on Wednesday.

Shaq Cooper won’t be playing against the Tiger-Cats. C.J. Gable will be starting at RB again.

Bryant Mitchell is listed as the back-up to Kenny Stafford in one of the WR spots. Vidal Hazelton is pencilled in at SB.


I thought they would move Mitchell outside and Hazelton inside, but I also thought Stafford would get a one game break based on Mitchell’s performance. That still might be the case when the Esks have to declare the 44-man game roster from the 46-man active. I have a feeling either Stafford or Mitchell will be place on reserve and most likely it will be Stafford.

I will definitely go with Hazelton to be the big receiver next game and add in Gable as a possible key secondary weapon.

I am somewhat surprised Smith remains the PR main option and if the Esks took out Cooper they didn’t do the same with Smith for Robinson who could also act as a backup RB. I would love to see Calvin McCarty get more blocking and receiving assignments for this game in light of Cooper coming out. Having both McCarty and Gable as receiving backs would impact the Hamilton LB’s.

Yeah, I agree. I thought Bryant Mitchell would get another start as well based on last week’s performance.


Have a feeling that one of either Mitchell or Stafford go on the reserve list from the 46-man active roster gets down to the 44-man game roster.