Shannon Sharpe rips into Ja Morant apologists after gun scandal: ‘Disgusted’

How long is the suspension going to be? From what I gather he has about 8 strikes against him and a few involving firearms.


Well at least he wasn’t fishing.

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I had a conversation about this one with a friend who lives in Memphis, where this was all the talk over the weekend. I didn’t know anything about the matter at all until reading up afterwards, for I don’t follow the NBA.

For those not aware, this is Morant’s second run-in with the same issue. The last was in March. He had the counseling and so forth.

Now no known or charged crime was committed here in the US, but whether in lawful possession or not, it’s simply bad form and often unsafe or illegal to behave like this.

The NBA has a conduct policy that encompasses such matters as do all professional leagues.

All rookies to the NBA receive ample training from the best experts, which is something that was sorely amiss perhaps 20 years ago, about how to conduct themselves at public figures in public places as includes of course the internet.

It’s not your campus or neighbourhood where you have gotten away with whatever when you turn pro. The costs and legal and other complex issues are at hand.

Some guys make the adjustment, and some don’t.

Like Sharpe stated, ACTION including changed behaviour means more than anything else. Others have done it and Morant can as well, but it’s up to him or not now.

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