Shannon Garrett Retired

I heard Shannon Garret retired a few days ago, thats quite a blow to our defense.
Any thoughts?

That is the first I've heard of it. It hasn't been reported in any papers or reputable sports websites as far as I know. Where'd you here this? If true, we'll have an entirely new linebacking corps this season.

And a new defensive coach. :lol:

Well i know this'll sound... Silly, but my hairdresser is really good friends with him. I got my haircut on Friday and we started talking about the changes and goings on for the Eskimos, and i was told he retired. I was shocked when i heard this, cause if he did retire, i would think itd be on the website. But maybe there keeping it quite? Who knows, thats what ive heard. But im thinking my hairdresser is right, Shannon is around 36 or 37 years old. The info cant be wrong, and its not like someone would lie about being good friends with him, to a kid thats getting his haircut.

I am leaning towards believing what you are saying because your rumour involves an obscure almost unnoticed player, and usually when someone posts a rumour from an "inside source" about a less noticed player they are right. It's not like you are on here causing trouble or looking for attention by starting rumours about high profile players like Ray or Peterson for example. Anyways, maybe Garrett is considering retirement but has not officially signed the papers yet? Or maybe the Esks are just waiting a few more days to offically announce it, so they can announce the signing of another import LB at the same time?
Either way, if Garrett is retired we'll need to find both a starting WIL and SAM linebacker from down south. I'd like to see what Dogget can do at SAM. When he got the chance this season, he showed great speed and pursuit on special teams, and he hit like a train.

Yea, itll be interesting to see who will win his spot. Im thinking the Esks might draft a Linebacker to put more compition there before they just let Dogget take the posistion.

We'll certainly see more imports brought in for camp at LB, as we only have St.Pierre(NI), Dogget, and Lloyd left if Garrett does indeed retire.

I'm holding off on forming any opinion until I here what your podiatrist has to say. :lol: :cowboy:

All joking aside, the Eskimos have called a news conference tomorrow where Shannon is expected to announce his retirement. One of the new outlets better get the hairdresser on the payroll.

Good job breaking this story a few days before media outlets! :thup: :thup: :thup:

It's up on the homepage now. Enjoy retirement, Garrett! :thup:

Enjoy retirement Shannon! 14 seasons is something not a lot of players get to experience. A couple Grey Cup rings doesn't hurt. Remember "Once an Eskimo, ALWAYS an Eskimo!" Thanks for playing as hard as you could every game. Our D is gonna miss you!

Im glad i can count on my hairdresser to give accurate information :smiley:
ill be sure to go to her from now on and ask all the Esks going ons and post it on here fer you all ahahha

One of the greatest to play in the CFL. Kudos!

But he's retiring. Your hairdresser just lost his/her connection. :lol:

this comes a few seasons too late. guy was too old in 2007!

Maybe you should post this on the Rider page.

For a guy who has too old, he sure had a good season in 2007... 64 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 picks.

Just cflisthebest being an Eskimos hater. What else is new? The guy is like a broken record...

Garrett was a great player, and a class act as well. Sorry to see him hang them up, but kudos to him for knowing when it was time so to do, rather than hanging on overstaying his time.

I wonder..........if the Eskimos knew he was likely to retire, would they still have traded Shabazz?

just so you know..

I would have said the same thing if he had stayed in Saskatchewan instead of coming to Edmonton! didn't matter where he was.

Go post somewhere else bud. No one here cares what you think.