Shanahan going senile?

First he benches McNabb, and then he brings in JaMarcus Russell, one of the biggest busts at QB? What the hell's going on in Washington? :lol:

Russell will wow them with his dazzling footwork, if only they can keep him awake during team meetings.

...a head scratcher to say the least. The debacle at the end of the last game was a slap in the face to Donavon Mc Nabb

Having lived in the Washington DC area also for 7.5 years total on two occasions and leaving it behind for the steaming hot pile of crap it is for good, this is one franchise that since the last Super Bowl finds every reason to squander any advantage even when they are playing well as they had for the most part prior to the last two games.

It's a real head scratcher as far as football there why things are the way they are there after finally rather exhaustive efforts to get rid of the dead rot in the organisation and a relatively new critical wing of the sports media in town at last after being all politically-correct homer douchebags and hacks for Dan "Dick" Snyder for too long.

Note that's all after all the time has elapsed with quite the carousel overall of quality players and fine coaches cycling through that town usually to head off later somewhere else to do better.

I had picked those Redskins to win their division after watching just two games, thinking they were the best of the worst in that division, but now the Giants are the best team in that whole conference with the Saints a close second.

This article sheds more light on the rationale of Shanahan to what looked to everyone like a bizarre decision, which of course was re-inforced by the disastrous result of the very first play when Grossman went in to run the offence:

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