Shameless self-promotion

In these boards we get from time to time staffers from the Als posting a tidbit from the Als' website without comment.

I'll do the same.

Go here to see my view of the Als' offseason:

This is a good piece of work Madjack.I specially agreed with your evaluation of the receivers. Ashland, Bratton and that little guy Danny D. If the Als are to have an offense this year, there must be more production at this position. All of the above guys are not up to par. Deslauriers has to prove himself this year.He will have a full yar in 08 and we should get an assessment of him in the first set of games.

Very nice analysis MadJack. :thup:

Once again, you have delivered your opinion with honesty and respect. Well done!

Good article...

You should put your url in your Profile signature block…free advertisement every time you post ! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your kind words.

A player whom I thought played well last year is Devone Claybrooks. He made lots of tackles and, I believe he should retain his job at defensive tackle.

So far, this 2007-2008 has been,at least for me, the most quiet/"dullest" in years. Excluding a few free agents, so far only 5 new players signatures have been announced. Harris,Q.B.,Morton,W.R.,Dedi,L.B.,Sandidge,D.L. and Staggs,D.B.

Yes, I know that Mr.Popp has definitely signed more rookies, but It would be nice if a few were announced; we need good defensive linemen rookies. The last time a player signing was announced was March 18,i.e. Jamel Richardson,W.R.

With regards to free agents signings, I still don't understand why we signed Reggie Hunt, when we have Ferri,Hill, Taylor. One of these 4 won't be on the 42 players game day roster, unless injuries occur. Tompkins and Cody will be cut before end of training camp. Why were they signed?

Presently, based on known players to the fans, the major weakness is on the defensive line. We need two D.E. and a D.T.; only Claybrooks is strong "calibre".

Before beginning of training camp, I expect the following veterans to be Cut/waived: Gallant,Mackey,Perry,unless health is 100%,Banks and possibly Wilson.

Answer to these questions or comments within the next month.


Its Fort St-Jean not the MGM Grand

Josh Harris
Tony Lazotte
Jeff Keeping
Tim Sandidge
Shea Emry
Tay Cody
Karibi Dede
Terry Firr
Reggie Hunt
Bashir Levingston
Nate Morton
Jamel Richardson
Jeff Robertshaw
Adam Rogers
Jay Staggs
Bruce Thornton
Tony Tomkins
Charles Rogers
Luc Bodeur-Jourdain
Ricky Santos
Donovan Carter (Seahawks)