Shameful behaviour from one of our own

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Basically it's a story of a fan fleecing other fans and players with bogus deals. A disgrace to the fan base I say.

Nice job, Spec.
Elevate the guy to "superfan" status in screaming headline to make a penny ante con job more salacious. Like many I'm as plugged into HTC stuff as anyone and I've never seen or heard of the guy.

:lol: I think Batman is the one who has been disgraced the most.

He was Caught, charged and jailed. :thup: Petty thief with mental problems by the looks of it.

I absolutely abhor these so-called "super fans" who are considered as such just because they go all out and dress themselves up in ridiculous costumes just to draw attention to themselves.

The guy is a mega-douche. I know atleast 10 people he has scammed. 3 of them from the same Muay Thai gym. I think he should count his blessings that guys who train usually don't use it outside of the gym.. the kid might be dead.

Hence my comment about mental problems... :wink:

I don't even get why this was a story...
They guy is an idiot and deserves everything he got plus probably more but there are people like him doing these things every day.

I think it shines a light on the guy. Might save someone else being ripped off.

Because a small time con man who happens to go to TC games and tricks people isnt as attention-getting as a SUPERFAN who uses his vast network of TC contacts to wreak a path of deceit and destruction.

I'm not talking about this thread I'm talking about the story being written.

The story is beware of deceitful people. How many NFL'ers of past glory days that were all-pro are now broke, sad but true. Taken advantage of in some cases by people who made themselves "friends" with these players only to rob them of what they had. :? Of course the NFL doesn't comment on that much, only to spend millions in a losing money losing cause on NFL Europe instead of taking care of their own. Very sad.

That's what I mean. Spec didn't even put superfan in quotation marks as if a superfan was a proper noun and the guy met the criteria as one.

What a low life piece of crap this guy is. Someone should throw him an ml$e or Rogers suit to where so he can fit right in with the other scum bags who work for them.

As a super fan myself, I am offended by this remark lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't know about anyone else, but I think the players/people he ripped off felt like it was a pretty big deal