Again! The CFL gets off looking like a semi-pro joke!

But, it does it to itself, friends!

Tonight, while Don Whitman's lovely widow was trying to say a few words at the tribute on Friday Night Football, you could hear TSN techies giggling and talking in the background!!!!!

What I heard:

"........... kick him in the ass.... but I wouldn't wanna' get on her bad side!"

This is what was said while a legend's wife was on air! Un-frickin'-believable!

This is while she was choking back tears and trying to thank the 'Peggers for the tribute!

I urge everyone to write a note of complaint to TSN voicing frustration over this! I know I will!

I saw it, I heard it. It was disgusting.

ya, you beat me to the starting of a thread essentially.

I also caught that -- extremely unprofessional!

I was pleased to see the tribute however. Wittman was a great broadcaster whose voice is going to stay with me and the many millions of Canadian sports fans for all the big events his talent covered these many decades.

Oski Wee Wee,

Here's the link to the TSN jerk-offs!

[url=] ... 2526&log=1[/url]

Let 'em have it!

Yeah i wasn't very happy when i heard that either. I hope they where talk about someone else.( they better of been :x )

I believe it was about another woman. I am sure someone is going to get raked over the coals for this.

Oski Wee Wee,

might want to change the title though as it kinda blends with the theme of last night's game....

It shows no Respect for the Dead..
extremely unprofessional and rude..

8) Fire their sorry asses immediately !!!!!

Wow! That is unbelievable. Probably a couple of adolescent interns or over grown college boys. However, that is TSN, not the CFL.


Maybe we should be posting this on the main CFL forum as well.