Shame on TSN - The Ultimate!

I couldn't believe it watching tonight at the 6 pm hour TSN Sportscentre.
There was a piece on the Argos and Hamilton clash tomorrow and after the reporter Matthew Scianitti, in comes the Host Cory Woron.
He does the summary I guess for the upcoming games on TSN and says "Week 16" games and then the schedule shown is clearly last week "Week 15".
The guy stumbles over it and keeps going by saying it starts with the Friday night game of Winnipeg and Ottawa.
He should change his name to Moron.
I know how by and large we credit TSN for a lot of good for the league with the big TV deal of late, but every once in a while this crap happens.
For me this is the absolute worst, people should be fired or at least suspended for this more than gaffe.
Can you imagine what would happen if for example the wrong NHL schedule or NFL was super imposed and with the reporter not knowing?

Totally agree. :thup:

Especially with that last line!

Not good, worse than when Beverly Thomson of CTV Canada AM said on air in September “football season is finally here”, along those lines. Jeff Hutcheson kindly reminded her it is the NFL season starting but that the CFL had started months earlier. :roll:

But mistakes happen, and how many people in Canada know the name of the American president vs. the Prime Minister of Canada? Or the words to the Star Spangled Banner vs. O Canada? And then there is the issue of American history and Canadian history and what is more interesting to our youth. :?

Yes mistakes happen, but this is inexcusable.
Like I said, I do not recall ever seeing this with the US wannabe leagues including the NHL.
Heads should roll, would roll if I was in charge.

No big deal at all. Somebody forgot to update last week's graphic and he's just reading what's put in front him. That's all.

Anchors do not necessarily listen to the full reports we are seeing on TV. Often as we are watching those they are chatting with a producer or being handed a score update or something that they will refer to in the next segment. You mentioned he stumbled - I'm guessing because he may thought OK I thought I just heard something about the Argos game being Friday but the words being put in front of him don't match - so if in doubt - read the script.

I've seen them screw-up players names in EVERY league. I've seen graphics promoting last week's NFL games, last weeks hockey games. No big deal AT ALL. It's live TV and it happens.

Every Monday on various sports media blogs they have screen grabs of all the snafus on sports programming that took place over that weekend. And people consider it funny. Why because mistakes happen and sometimes they are hilarious. In this case it was just a minor mistake of a graphic they probably use weekly - simply not being updated properly and that is the graphic the guy was reading from.

Certainly NOBODY reacts with the insecurity of some posters here with comments like they would never do that with another league. Oh yes they would - and occasionally they do.

Isn't every sports problem a 'first world problem'?
Close the forum, people, as it's nothing more than 'first world problems' to discuss . :roll:

So what you are saying is that he is an moron because he knew what week of the schedule was then read someone else's mistake when they put up week 15's schedule and he read the first game off of that? Not sure how this is on him. I think anyone would be tripping over that, and the fact seem to indicate that he was flustered would seem to mean he knew there was an issue, yet attempted salvaging it all.

My gay brother used to insert hilights for Global News in Burnaby.. He could give a flying F about sports and would often insert baseball hilights in instead of Football or basketball in for baseball.. He honestly could not tell the difference because the tape would say Spurs vs Mavericks, while Sqiire Barnes would be going on about the NFL. This was back in the day and the technology has changed substantially since then. Long story short. He still works there and edits news now. Sqire Barnes still glares at him in the

Indeed. Playing the "first world problems" card on a sports forum is just a disingenuous way to shut down conversation. I don't really think the schedule gaffe is a big deal myself, but I can see how some would be upset by it.

At the very least they should have corrected themselves at some point during the telecast.

....yeah, I can see how it could be interpreted it that way, but it wasn't meant to shut down the conversation, only to point out how trivial the OP's original complaint is, IMO of tech-related goof-up really isn't 'The Ultimate' insult...

Oh no, someone flipped the wrong switch. IT'S A LITERAL SLAP IN THE FACE TO EVERY CFL FAN!

No.. If I read it right this guy believes that the Sportscentre anchor should have the CFL schedule memorized and be able to ad lib.. Like I have watched atleast the beginning of almost every game this season(turning most off or falling asleep part way through because of terrible quality) and I have no clue who is starting the week off... Thats why I just logged on to CFL.CA to find out.

No, he realized it was the wrong week, then tripped all over himself and instead of saying so he continued with last week schedule.
By stating how the FNF game was Winnipeg and Ottawa.
To make matters worse, the piece before this was the Hamilton - Argo and DEALING with the Friday night game.
So the guy is even more of a Moron for not following the flow, game piece and the schedule.