Shame on CTV/TSN

I couldn't believe it.
Both the CTV mother network and TSN are simulcasting the Masters.
Yesterday it was from 2-7 pm and today from 1-7 pm.
All this over the top coverage for a US sport, that for me is not a sport.
Golf is leisure, it's like watching darts, poker and bowling.
These are not athletes, but I digress.
My beef is CTV providing this ridiculous amount of coverage when TSN is simulcasting the same.
They will be lucky to get 1 million viewers.
While the Grey Cup is consistently drawing 4+ million viewership and can't get on the main network.
There is absolutely no doubt the powers to be undersold the property yet again during the latest contract.
On top of which commissioner after commissioner fails to get the playoffs and GC game on the main network.
Again no doubt in my mind how the ad executives and various heads or programming and or sport are purposely keeping the league down a notch below the wannabe US sports.

CTV free. TSN pay . CFL too important. That's the only reason I can think why this is done. Bell makes more money this way and has year round cash flow from our subscription to TSN

Don't buy it.
Why wouldn't then the same simulcast occur with our playoffs and GC?

last year if I wanted to watch BJ's playoffs I would have to find someone with sportsnet. Isn't that the same type of thing? ESPN carrying NFL games in the states, they don't put it on free TV either.

CFL is only on TSN so Bell can sell more TSN subscriptions.

Golf is on CTV because it was (probably) on American free channels, so might as well be free in Canada as well.

No idea why they would put it on both CTV and TSN.

On top of which CBS is showing the same on it's channel?
So we have 3 channels.

A US sport? Did you happen to take a look at the leaderboard at any point? It's an international event.

glad you said event :slight_smile:

Which is why, as I said, it was on CTV. If they left it only on TSN, then they wouldn't get the advertising dollars when people turned to the free CBS broadcast. By putting it on CTV, people tune into the Canadian broadcast - especially if the cable provider replaces the CBS coverage with the CTV broadcast.

Again, seems bizarre that it was also on TSN, but I'm sure they had their reasons.

You want to watch the Grey Cup at home, you got to pay $18 for that privilege. 9.7 million unique viewers last years GC If the 9.1 million households keep TSN through the 6 month CFL season = more than 40 million they paid for CFL rights. CTV 15 million potential GC viewers X $0 = ? CFL is too important to them I think. Didn't even ad the corporate sponsors money or the ads for the GC or the season plus all the spin off shows + TSN radio - also CRTC regulations on CDN content rules

there's part of the link from the web Nov 30, 2015 - 9.7 million unique viewers watched some or all of the 2015 CFL championship game. RDS TSN has about 9.1 million subscribers paying for its channels, according to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Ranting about what they can watch on CTV for no extra charge. :roll:

TSN coverage was outstanding, extra 2 hours of play every morning that even CBS didn't carry.


And to those that say golf is not a sport...go play 4 rounds in 4 days w/o a cart walking 5+ miles each day. If you believe there is no athletic component to it you sound foolish. Mental and physical fatigue are big factors, in a game that requires piles of practice to become pro.

Seriously though...go do it. Surely your score will be as consistent on the back 9 as the front 9 right....I mean it is leisure, not athletic and not a sport right? Then do that 3 more days....assuming it is comparable weather you should improve each round, seeing as it is becoming repetitive in you quaint little leisure time.

Once you fail come have a chat again.

I am not even into golf and I understand that.

Yes the Grey Cup is drawing close to 4 million on TSN. Why would Putting the GC on CTV increase that audience?
TSN has a viewership of around 26 million and another 6 million on RDS. That is over 32 million potential viewers on TSN/RDS.
That means that 26 million or so Canadians that have access to TSN/RDS did NOT watch the GC, so if 26 million did NOT watch on TSN/RDS that could have tuned into it, what makes you think they would tune to CTV to watch it???

Wouldn't it make more sense to try to get the existing 26 million or so people that have TSN/RDS but did NOT watch the Grey Cup, to tune in and watch it?
If 26 million potential viewers that subscribe to a Sports Network did not tune in to watch the Grey Cup why would viewers that do not subscribe to a non sports network watch it?

What is worse is that while they simulcast golf. They pushed a live ufc fight card to Tsn2.

Yesterday was a great for watching sports. I watched Canada win gold in curling, then switched to the mosconi cup and off to the masters.

Internet says 9.1 million subscribers to RDS/TSN. Here's the quote below.

TSN has about 9.1 million subscribers paying for its channel, according to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

CTV has a greater number exposure.

I posted this in the Sports TV ratings thread too. But it is clear it paid off for Bell Media to have the Masters on both TSN and CTV based on these excellent ratings numbers.

All eyes in Canada were on THE MASTERS yesterday, as Danny Willett landed the coveted Green Jacket in what would turned out to be a heartbreaking tournament for reigning champion Jordan Spieth. Overnight data from Numeris confirms that audiences for THE MASTERS on CTV, TSN, and RDS are up 10% compared to last year's tournament.

More than 1.5 million viewers watched yesterday’s final round (704,000 on TSN; 585,000 on CTV; 242,000 on RDS), which saw Spieth quadruple-bogey on Hole 12 and then nearly recover to reclaim his lead – only to lose it all to Willett.
The tournament peaked at 2.6 million viewers yesterday at 6:31 p.m. ET, as Willett made his final putt and received a standing ovation from the crowd at Augusta National Golf Club. Willett would become the first Englishman to win THE MASTERS in 20 years.

In total, the tournament attracted 11 million uniqueCanadian viewers to CTV, TSN, and RDS, marking an 8% increase compared to last year.

In addition, THE MASTERS wraps up as the most-watched tournament for TSN Digital platforms in 2016, attracting more than 300,000 video starts throughout the tournament.

That right there is extremely interesting, 83% of the TSN number (almost doubling the amount of viewers) watched on CTV. We know that not everybody can access TSN and CTV has a nearly 20% larger audience coverage area.

Can we make an extremely simple correlation about how NFL numbers benefit from being on the main network and how CFL would benefit if they were also on CTV

ermmmmm....this is a good thing no? TSN 2 is the national feed, while 1, 3, 4 and 5 are the regional ones. I don't see the issue.