Shamawd to Hamilton

Esks trade Shamawd Chambers to Hamilton, GREAT move I love it

Within the past couple of weeks, it was reported, in media tweets, that the Eskimos were shopping around both Chambers and Cory Watson. Overall, in 6 seasons, Chambers has been a rather disappointing 1st round draft pick.
















His numbers from 14 games played last season are, within a couple yards, total, exactly the same as those, in 11 games this year, of a younger, cheaper, 4-year less experienced 3rd round draft pick who almost everyone here is complaining about. Maybe the Hammer is the place Shamawd will finally find his old college self. I hope so and hope, also, that the Cats didn't give up much to bring him here.

Sorry about my "copy and paste" failure above. Chambers' stats my be viewed here:

Dunk is now reporting "a couple of late round draft picks" are going the other way. :-\

The experienced, fast and big NAT receiver we need!(insert thumbs up here)

He’s six-foot-three, 219 pounds, 4.42-seconds in the 40-yard dash at the 2012 CFL combine along with a 38.5-inch vertical.

By the way, Tillman drafted Chambers in the 1st round, 6th overall in 2012 while with EDM
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#Ticats make the @ShamawdChambers deal official. #Esks get 7th RD pick in 2018, CFL Draft and a 5th RD pick in 2019. #CFL

Great Move ..also Simoni's best friend ...we really needed a decent national receiver and he has the potential to be one . He is a big upgrade to what we have ..

Is this a move you make when Fantuz is on the verge of getting back on the field? Maybe Andy is not as close to returning as recent reports have indicated.

I think this is more of a move to replace WR Mike Jones
Fantuz would replace SB Mitchell Baines
And suddenly our NAT Receivers look much improved.

I agree it's the ideal time with Fantuz coming back . This is the deal they should have done in the offseason so he could play the first 11 games instead of the Jones and others .
The organized also blundered in getting proper offensive tackles, national oline depth and a sam linebacker and db's

I personally don't think courtney stefan should not be a starter . he never seems to do anything . He is frail and can't get to the qb on a blitz , he doesn't tackle well or hard and is not known as a hitter like say butler or hitchcock or paul bennet were at safety ..courney rarely knocks down a pass and gets an interception he seems more like a passenger

i'd rather jay langa get a chance at safety ,,i know he is fast and can hit hard and the other teams knowing a hard hitter is at safety gets it in their head when they get a pass up the middle

Let's hope Shamad can get back to the player he was when he was drafted .

As veteran NAT receivers Shamawd and Fantuz now ready to start playing, you have to wonder about the Cap.
With the retirement of Butler, the trade of Chick and the release of Tyms, I figure the Cap is probably no problem.

Good for Chambers that bar is set incredibly low here .

Interesting our new BIG Target?? so Fantuz is a ?

... former star receiver, new apprentice assistant coach.

We never seem to use these National receivers to their full potential. They always seem to be placed in no mans land wide-out where they rarely see the ball.

And yet when they do use them, the posters all whine about how shaky they are and how often they drop or fumble? But, I agree, they can only get better if they play, and they can only be evaluated on game ability if they are used.

I'm oversimplifying, but see this as one of the big differences between Western and Eastern teams, and between the Redblacks and the other three. In the West, and with Campbell, who coaches like a Western coach, they use all four (or five) receivers, run the ball frequently, and throw to the running back on hitches, screens, and dumps. Ottawa had four receivers with 1000 yards receiving for what, 2 years? Including Sinopoli. Can't do that if you don't throw them the ball.

Great read here on Shamawd and our other Canadian guys by Milton