Shamawd Chambers released!

With players like Josh Crockett, Marcus Tucker and Justin Sumpter playing so well along with Jaelon Acklin, the tiger cats released Canadian receiver Shamawd Chambers.

I guess hes just not good enough to play for this team still even after his injury is over.

Probably makes too much aganist the cap. Younger, cheaper options available pushed him out looks like.

With STE at running back the ratio would allow for a 5th international as a receiver

Feel badly for Shamawd when he’s worked so hard to come back from that injury, but with so many receivers on the roster and cut down day coming soon, someone was going to get squeezed out (not that there won’t be more). He did a great job hauling in that catch the other night (later ruled incomplete) so I thought he might keep his spot but it often takes more than one circus catch to nab (or hang on to) a spot on a roster.
He played so well after being given a decent opportunity when he first arrived in 2017, and I was looking forward to seeing how well he would do. It’s a bit strange since Condell seems to be moving more to long lanky receivers (not the small speedy ones that JJ preferred). He could land back with EE since they lost a veteran national receiver and he’d certainly feel at home since their offense has likely not changed significantly but he was never given much of a chance to shine there - being used more as a decoy and rarely targeted. Hope he finds a home soon where he can be productive.

I think, strangely, the ratio worked against a Canadian, this time, With the 2019 TiCats, only one or two NAT receivers will be kept to back up the lone NAT WR starter. The second issue, in this case, is that, if you’re not going to be a starter, you’d better be a ST’s contributor. And third, $$$$ vs. $$.

I wonder how much time Thomas Erlington will spend at “running back”. Maybe we get a better picture after tomorrow’s game?

With Condell as OC and calling the plays, I can see Thomas Erlington taking more of a Gable or Prime role as a TE or blocking back, with the very occasional run. Maybe even some empty backfield sets with Masoli being the ball carrier? Condell did not call a lot of runs in his last go 'round with the Cats and he had a pretty good running back in CJ Gable. Don’t know yet if Thomas Erlington will be as effective, or indeed, how much he will be used.

Hate to be the gloomy Gus, but if the run threat falls to Masoli, we could be seeing a lot of wear and tear, and more of Evans and Moore as filling in as replacements.

We may see some of the old Prime days where we keep a big back in to block. That was from the Austin/Condell era.