Shall be there on Nov. 28th

Got my Tickets.. this morning at 9am.

I will be attending my 5th Grey Cup and 2nd straight! :slight_smile:

Yea, I wish I could have gone for more games but can't always have things go your way.

How many games have you been to? and streaks or favorite places to go to?

I have been to 1 greycup and 1 final
Was at 94 GreyCup in Vancouver. I live 4 hours away. To watch last second fieldgoal beat Baltimore Stallions.
Also at I think 1988 West final- in Edmonton to watch Eskies crush Leos. It was -30 or something like that and lots of snow-
froze and of all things left the lights on my car and a family waited to give us a boost. He said "we feel sorry for you killing your lions, and now you have a dead battery!"
I said I'm an Esks fan first :lol:

I think you mean 87 west Final.

88 was where B.C. won.

Okay 87! Thanks

This will be my 10th straight. 12th Overall. Not bad for being only 29 I think.

Go Riders.

that's pretty impressive!

I've been to 2 Grey Cups (95, 03) and 1 West final (07)

I have been to a playoff game in Calgary in 06, although it was the West semi.

Unfortunately I just don't have enough friends who are big enough fans to take the week off to soak in the Grey Cup atmosphere. If I'm going to go to a Grey Cup, I'm going to do it right and take in the week long festivities as well.

That's the only way to do it. I go with my Dad and two brothers and a couple straglers that are basically family now. It is always a good time. We make it out there thursday and shut down Riderville every night.

Man this is going to be a good one.

This will be my 6th grey cup, always get my tickets as soon as they go on sale, doesn't matter which teams are in it

I have been to 1 Western final. I western semi-final (not sure the, but this will be my first Grey Cup.. How awesome that my team is in it..Go Riders Go!!!

This will be my 6th Grey Cup. 5th in a row. Last year was so much fun. Calgary is a beautiful city. Hopfully Edmonton will be a blast! I'm flying out Thursday morning.

Haven't posted here in a long time.

This will be my 5th Grey Cup.

Went in 97 in Edmonton
2003 in Regina
2007 in Toronto
2009 in Calgary
and now this year.

7th overall for me, 5th in a row

2001 - MTL
2004 - Ottawa
2006 - Winnipeg
2007 - T.O.
2008 - MTL
2009 - Calgary
2010 - Edmonton

Only 3 cities left BC (already booked for 2011), Regina & Hamilton....

Though I've been a fan for as long as I can remember (since the early '60s), this will only be my second Grey Cup. I previously saw the Eskies beat the Als 17-6 at the Big Owe in 1979 at the 67th Grey Cup. One of my favourite memories of all cups was All-Star Waddell Smith's waving goodbye touchdown in that game.

I am still not confirmed for this years' Grey Cup (still trying... - wish me luck).

So far - I have been to two Grey Cups - 1997 in Edmonton, and 2009 in Calgary.

I have been to several playoff games:

West final - 2010 in Cgy, 2009 in Regina, 2006 in Van.
West semi - 2006 in Cgy, and a few before that ( I cant remember them all..)

Still holding out hope that I can make it happen this year too....

This will be my 3rd Grey Cup, second year in a row, 1995 being the other one. Had a great time last year in Cgy, and looking forward to this year.