Shaky McShake and Allenzheimer win again!!

In the TO vs. Sask game, did you notice, in the end of the 4th quarter when Damon Allen threw a pass near the endzone to Saskatchewan no.9 (Hunt, I think). Hunt dropped it, but the most shocking thing about the play was that there were no ARGOS anywhere near the ball.:shock: It seemed as though Allen just saw a body and didn't remember that the guys in WHITE & GREEN weren't on his team. At that point I really got scared for Allen, that was a major mental cramp. After that he did win the game by completing 2 good drives, but it does leave the impression that Allen really can give you the best and the worse at any time. Don't forget to only throw to the team with the blue jerseys Allenzheimer!

As far as Shaky McShake, i'm refering to John Avery. Oh boy must he be happy that his team won, cuz it certainly didn't help. 2 fumbles and a big dropped pass. Is he supposed to be a top-tier running back? That guy is shakier than a paint mixer. If I were TO, i'd consider trying some other guys at that position. Coming back from a major injury or surgery is fine, but that's just supposed to slow you down, not make you drop things.

And they still won!! Ha! Ha! Ha! My condolences to Riderville and all their gai priders.

That was rude.

hey at least the rider fans are educated enough to spell properly

As I stated in the Argo forum:

All I've been hearing from a lot of Rider fans - and I happen to be a fan myself - is what great depth the Riders team has. If we have such good depth, perhaps people should quit bringing up the point that it was our "backups" who were playing and just suck up the loss. Fans can't have it both ways - either we have great depth or we don't.

very true

It's funny. In my post there are 11 lines where I talk about the Argos. Yet everyone seems to get stuck at the 1 line where I make an abstract reference to the Riders. Go figure. Paranoïa maybe.

For ARGO fans it is confidence! :wink:

Getting Back To The Other, Non-Rider, Lines Of Your Post. That Throw Was To An Argo Reciever, I Think It Was Soward. He Had A Post Pattern About 10 Yards Deep In The End Zone And He Was Beating The Coverage Undernieth. I Guess Allen Didn't See Hunt And Was Trying To Get The Ball Under The Crossbar To Give His Reciever A Chance To Catch A Low Pass. Even If Hunt Didn't Drop It I Think It Might Have Been To Low But At Least We Would've Known Who He Was Throwing At.

There is "low" and then there is 10 yards underthrown. Unless the receiver really, really didn't know his route needed him to come back to the endzone line, because Hunt dropped the ball at the 1 yard line (approximately).

Your Right, And You May Be Right About Allen Lossing His Mind Cause There Were A Few Other Plays That There Was Some Sort Of Miss Comunication Between Him And His Recievers.

I’m a Rider fan and I can’t spell worth a darn, and I though the gay …pride thing was kind of funny.
I think …that Pride thing should die…it is kind of gay… It was good for marketing when we were 2-10 and we had 3 home games left …we had to sell some tickets somehow… Be proud of your :oops: team. :? :smiley: We all had fun with the Rider Hide thing that year and many more.
But not anymore we are the Rider …ummm lets think of a tuffer name…
on the Storm… Jim Morrison and the doors were no fags.
So Bachoff Get over it. This guy is an Agro fan he does not have to like us, nor do we want him too. GO RIDERS ON THE STORM !!!

Allan did not look too bad on the last drive although penalities did help the cause. Riders might have been better off letting them score early and hope for OT.
Cause you know McCallum would have missed a game winning field goal.

mccraken 14, not only is your name good, but you have a brain on the top of that spine. Finally someone with a sense of yumur.

and for that RIDERS ON THE STORM, I love it. It kicks ass. 8) They really should play it when Riders enter the field at home game, even more so if it is raining. It's much better than the song they're using right now : "why can't we be friends".

And if some of u Priders fan think making jokes is rude, why don't you try to make some of your own instead of complaining like Newfoundland fishermen.
It's not the East's fault you don't have oil riggs!!

Why your style can call me mac next time :wink:
You guys wait until the next time when you come to town ... The Riders on the Storm will blow your boat- men all the way to Newfoundland.

And the bell rank 29 times for the wreck of he Argo fits Gerald.....Boat- men I think that sounds a little like gay pirates.. you better look at changing that over there too.... :lol: :smiley: :wink: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: Until next time.

mac, the thing is, i'm not a TO fan, i'm an Als fan, as you can see from my name, 514 being the regional code (phone) and MTL standing for MONTREAL. I talked about the Argos because i watched the game last nite and a few things had struck me as post-worthy. So kick TO's asses all you want, but the Alouettes will fly high above Sasks weak fields (saw that one, wheat-weak, pretty sassy uh?). many interceptions does Allen have???

What? oh im sorry, maybe you should read some stats before you start talking smack.

Did they not discontinue the flights of the Concordes long ago, because that little bird is no match for the mighty Storm here in Sask. :wink:

If I had to be stuck in a tornado, I'd rather be an alouette than a horse. :wink:

:lol: ................he had his 1st last night................threw for 220 yards passing ........and 3 TDs.........and I don't know how many running yards...........and he is almost 42.........and that was on an OFF night for him.

ARGOS WIN , again…ALLEN , wins again. :smiley:

By the way, I'd like to have your appreciation of the nicknames I made up. What do you think about:

  • Shaky McShake
  • Allenzheimer

Toronto people especially. You like em? Hate em? Want to buy em and patent em?

how about this one????????????

ALS CHOKER.............? :lol: