Shakeup in Canadian Mens Curling

Few days ago, Brendan Bottcher’s Alberta team sent their skip packing, essentially firing Bottcher for his crimes against the ice lanes. My own thoughts are that the 3 musketeers came to the conclusion they couldn’t win against the #1 Canadian team, aka Brad Gushue w/ Botch skipping. Botch seems like a nice, clean cut, intelligent young man but at teams he appears aloof and distant.

When I heard that they’d “fired” Bottcher I tried to think of any Canadian curler that could be brought in the stop the bleeding, replacing Brendan Bottcher. Funny thing, the first name I thought of was Rachel Homan - but I don’t think she’s eligible. The second name I thought of was Brad Jacobs, who within 36 hours was announced as the Bottcher replacement. Jacobs, since disbanding his Northern Ontario squad has been a bit of a curling nomad, temporarily filling in for Reid Carruthers as a hired gun 3rd after Carruthers split with Mike McEwen. Carruthers finally elevated the superior shooter to skip and they fared rather well, both on the circuit and at the Brier but didn’t have enough fire-power to put down Gushue. WHO DOES?

This move, prolly initially concocted by lead Benny Hebert might just be the answer. Jacobs is every bit the shooter that Bottcher is, maybe even a tad better. But Jacobs has one thing that Bottcher never exhibited - A KILLER INSTINCT.

After yesterday’s move to install Brad Jacobs as their skip I think this Alberta group of Marc Kennedy (one of the best 2 3rds in Canada), Brett Gallant (a top 2nd) and Hebert (a legendary lead) will instantly become the #2 team in Canada - and a real threat to Gushue’s dominance of men’s curling.

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Gushue is the best tactician of the game and that is making his team so great.

Also, what will happen to team Koe? ( What a disaster with 2 young and promising players!)

Yes, but Koe is nearing 50 and the end of the road. Total unmitigated disaster with the 2 youngstahs this year.

But Koe is a legendary shot-maker despite his reputation as a solo artist. He’ll find work - perhaps skipping Team Slushinski out of Alberta. I don’t think Reid Carruthers will want him either - too much of a reputation as a troubled personality. Reid loves accordance.

Yes, Gushue is easily the best tactician in Canada, maybe the world, Not quite the flying ace that Nik Edin is but darn close. Now Retornaz has developed into a top group out of Italy. Jacobs is an excellent tactician but nowhere close to Gushue.
Aside from Retornaz (this year) and Edin, Team Goo has the best rock placement in the business. Thats an incredible asset nowadays where 1 inch could make all the difference. Guys like McEwen & Carruthers are good - but their rock placement is always a bit off.

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