Shake up the Offense

You know guys, Mikey had a thread like this last week yet got cut up completely. Im surprized at your people. I saw if Maas isnt getting the job in, throw in Eakin.

The whole team is a shambles and it isn't the players on the field, it's the coaching. I knew what plays they were going to run (save the pass by holmes) before they were going to run them. Coach Marshall and his staff are simply being outcoached. The talent is there, yeah we're a little weak on some of the execution but that's what adding a bunch of new guys will do.

A little imagination on the sidelines would do this team wonders. We're running the same tired plays, down after down.

Marshall challenged last year for anybody to come down and guess what plays they were going to run, well I was doing it from my seat up in Section 29 quite well.

I am hearing a lot about potential...."Let's get er done!"

lol... you guys are crazy... Why would you replace your premier QB after two games? To avoid giving him the time needed to adapt to all his new teammates?

With the number of new acquisitions made in the offseason, it would be normal for the Cats to have a below average first half of the season and then finish strong.

I know waiting isn't fun, but that's why patience is a virtue.

I agree, this goes deeper than players. This is definitly a coaching problem. Quit coaching scared and address the problems at halftime your having trouble with. And yes those 2 picks were Maas's fault, however it happens, get over it.

The first may have been Maas’s fault as it was a bit underthrown (though the Als defender had to make a leaping, athletic catch to get to the ball).

The 2nd interception is hard to say. It occured right in front of me in Box C so I had a good view of the play.

Maas was expecting Flick to curl in (there was a wide open area in the defense). Instead, Flick kept going straight down field, hoping to blow past the cover man. The ball travelled thru the area Maas expected Flick to be (after the curl) and went straight to an Als defender standing 4-5 yards deeper.

Who made the wrong read? Maas or Flick? Hard to definitively blame Maas without knowing the play or receiver options (given the circumstances).

It’s plays like that where communications and familiarity between QB and receivers will hopefully improve and make a difference in the near future. (ie, like the McManus and Flutie “connection”)