Shake up the Offense

If Maas doesn't quite get the job done in a game perhaps it would be time to break in Eakin to some games this season.

i konw people are guanna go crazy but i hope we see him. Jasson hassnt done anything yet.

just put eakin second half or sumthing let him show that he can play the game

Disagree completely.

Maas isnt paid to cover receivers, thats our problem right now.

Well i know alot of people were on Danny about INTS and now Mass has 4 in 2 games !!!!!


Are you suggesting that Danny wasnt the problem?

Maas isn't paid to kick FGs.
Maas isn't paid to take "roughing the passer" penalties.
Maas IS paid to lead the ofence. He has done fairly well with an entirely new offence in Hamilton.

100% correct sigpig…nor does he cover recievers as mentioned above as well…the QB is not the problem here

The problem here is defensive schemes and lack of disipline. Not to mention playing off receivers 5 yards and no sure handed tackles after the line.


I thought that this was a thread on "offence"?

My only thought about the offense is their inability to go deep accurately. Seems that the ball is usually underthrown or way overthrown but never close enough to the receivers to give them a chance at the ball.
The short game of getting five or six yards when you need ten is not an effective offense.

Maas was CBC's warrior of the game for his performance.

CBC sees that QB isnt the issue.

I seriously beleive that Ron Lancaster Jr. is secretly still calling the plays for us. Two offensive coordinators later, with a completely different set of personnel, and we still can't get away with same old boring hitch pass plays.

He's not calling the Offence in Edmonton, the head coach does. Therefore, the move to Edmonton was all a facade to quiet the fans on, whereby he calls the plays in on a cellphone. Actually, he text messages them. he types A) for a hitch pass, B) for a draw play, and C) for the fly pattern intentionally thrown into a double team.

It's obvious to me, I don't know how nobody else has picked up on this.

Nobody believes me when l say that Mass
arrived from Edmonton with damaged goods ,his deep ball is terrible,he is a courageuos player and l admire that but he was brought over to win games ,there are no brownie points in pro ball.Again let him heal properly and give the dam ball to Kevin Eakin because he can do more with it.Jason Mass is not the reason we are losing but he sure isnt making the plays to win those games either!!!!!!!!!

When will we (Ontario teams) figure out how to develope 2 QB's? Consistantly we see / watch our #1 QB's develop at the cost of the back up. Eakin is probably just as good as Maas but (again) we never see him. Just look to the west and they've been doing it succesfully for years. When will the East figure it out....and more importantly when will the Tiger Cats use our hidden gem?


lets see Eakin, he did it last year, can't he do it this year.

We have 4 or less players that could make it as a first stringer on one of the top 3 teams. It is up to the coaching staff to improve where they can real fast, PK and DB would be a great place to start.

I already know that some will find me too harsh. This 0-2 is not acceptable. I seem to remember that Jason Maas has said that he is not one to really get into the face of his teammates--he is a professional and expects the same from the others. It seems to me that Jason needs to get into the faces of some of his teammates and use some of these leadership skills to challenge these guys to get their heads into the game and produce. As many know, I am not a Maas guy, but I think it is time to step up to the plate and generate some of this leadersip we hear so much about--he's done it before. These so-called professional football players are just not performing up to standards and it is time for some accountability. I hear that 0-2 is not a big deal....if the Ticats had played well and lost that is different from making bonehead mistakes, penalties that are so obvious--anyone would have to call them. Trying to pull the pieces together is not the same as getting the job done. If Maas is the "team leader"...please lead. There is not time to wait until it is 0-4. I take no pressure off the defense in saying this--they have been hapless in many ways. This is about TEAM leadership and getting the job done. Where is the FIRE in the belly of this team?

This is a very, very stupid thread.

Maas is a great QB. He played well against Montreal. His scrambling showed athleticism and heart, while his passes were all on the mark (the two interceptions were the receivers' fault...either running poor patterns or not fighting for the ball). He is cool under pressure (very composed early against Montreal even though everyone around him was making mistakes that lead to giving the Als 17 points on a silver platter). And he is a team guy (he didn't blame anyone after the loss and spoke positively about the team's potential...this guy believes that in time, the Cats can challenge for a championship THIS YEAR)

He will do whatever it takes to win.

Talking about replacing him is just plain ignorant.

the only offensive shaking up I would be doing is throwing the ball deep more. Utilize Flick & Yeast. Use Vaughan for the underneath 2nd down plays. Pull Petersen and put Ralph on the corner and Morreale in as slot, or Bring back Gardner and insert him on the corner with Morreale at slot.
Activate Davis and Bench Ranek.

Something needs to be changed ASAP.