Shake Up Comming???

Glen Suitor was on with Dan Russel last night (Sports Talk @ CKNW Radio), and he predicted that a shakeup with a coach or coaches are comming in Montreal. Could you guys finally be getting rid of Marcel Icantspellhislastname? Is Don Mathews comming back and Popp going back to just GM.

If that rumour is floating out here in BC, there must be more concrete stuff in Montreal.

Any word(s)??

I havent heard a word about it but it sure would be nice.

and why is Bellefeuille so hard for you to spell? :lol:

I think this is just educated guessing.

I'm trying not to confuse 'could a coaching shakeup realistically happen?' with my fondest dream that it WILL happen.

At MOST, they'll fire Bellefeuille. But given that the man in charge of hiring Bellefeuille's replacement is himself a huge part of the problem, I'm not overly optimistic about the team getting better. Both Popp and Bellefeuille need to go. However, sadly, I don't think Larry Smith has the guts to fire Popp.

Jim Popp asked for a full season so if any shake-up is going to happen it will be Bellefeuille on the altar for appeasing Wettenhaul. Won't change a thing with 5 games to go in the season. I guess they would pull last season's playbook. Deslauriers,Desrivaux,Thurmon and Payton would have to learn it.

All I can say is that when your defensive captain is OPENLY questioning the coaching, things are dire. Popp has destroyed the team morale and sapped their confidence in less than one season as head coach.

Frankly, if I were Wetenhall, I'd fire Popp, Bellefeuille, and Larry Smith for allowing this travesty to happen.

I would not fire Popp or Smith, I would just make sure they were doing only the jobs they are supposed to

  1. There is no way Popp can go back to being just GM after what's happened. He'll have lost too much face. And I don't think his ego will allow it.

  2. Larry Smith HASN'T done his job. If he had, he wouldn't have let Popp bamboozle him and Wetenhall into making Popp head coach. What, exactly, is Larry Smith getting paid for, if not to serve as a check and balance on the GM?

It's hard to say what will happen at the end of the season not knowing how exactly Popp ended up being the head coach. Did he really go to Smith and Wetenhall threatening to quit altogether if he did not get the coaching job? Or, did he somehow convince them that he deserved a shot at coaching the team? Who knows? In the case of the latter, maybe there is an understanding that he will relinquish the coaching job if the Als have a losing record this year. However, I would then agree with discipline in that Smith and Wettenhall should not have allowed Popp to "bamboozle" them like that.

Anyway, regardless of how he got the job, one thing is clear to me: He has lost the confidence of his players and from the looks of things, his coordinators as well.

I can't believe what I am going to say but I really hope that the Als don't go very far this year and mask Popp's inneptitudes and from the looks of the schedule, they just might. They could win on Monday (Ti-Cats without Jesse), split with Toronto (if they are lucky), beat Calgary (who is in all kinds of trouble), and beat Winnipeg who may choose to rest their starters by then (having clinched the East). If my math is correct, they would then finish in 2nd with a 10 - 8 record. If this happens...does Popp have an argument to return? I don't believe so but I also didn't think that he had the credentials to be head coach in the first place.

I hope there is a shakeup coming but any shakeup that doesnt involve getting rid of Popp will not do much good. Bellefieulle getting the axe should happen but even if he does I doubt any new offensive coordinator will do much better with Jim "we need to keep doing whats not working just do it right" Popp coaching the team.

I agree with crimson Im kinda hoping the team doesnt do that well to close out the season and I think that is what will happen. If someone with the character and leadership of Strickland is openly questioning and critisizing the coaching staff then there is something very wrong with the team and if he and Calvillo (who cant possibly be happy with getting sacked seemingly 6 times per game and hit even more) step up behind closed doors and kinda lead a revolution against Popp the team can go down quickly and give enough incentive to get rid of Popp