Shades of 2001...

Its the 4th quarter and the Als are losing 21-6. After starting 7-0 and giving a win to Calgary, Calvillo decides to throw 4 interceptions and counting! Give another game away why don't you! They are the most frustrating team to watch. Arland Bruce just scored, 28-6. Oh, and its a short week. They will lose against Calgary on Thursday. They will be 7 and 3. Then two games against BC, they always lose against BC. So 7-5. Its 2001 all over again! LOSERS!!!!

I see. Good points :thdn: NOT!

First of all, it's not Calvillo's fault the receivers quit on him. Secondly, Montreal plays Calgary at home, I think it will be a different game, you watch and see.

As for BC, I personally think we'll split that game.

I think it's a shame for you to come here and see they'll lose the next 3..Some fan

I agree
Indy has got to be the biggest bandwagon jumper there is.
Watch how he starts to cheer when the Als get back on track!

So you are still on the bandwagon plane boy? Why don't you screw in a few more rivets at Canadair... 2001 all over again.

Yes I am still on the bandwagon. I am a true fan who will stick with them win or lose!

I dont expect to see you around here when the make it to the cup again this year!!!!!!!

Oh by they you rivets rivets and screw screws although I fail to see what your remark has to do with anything

No offense ro1313 but being a true fan does not mean never venting the frustration one feels when their team is self-destructing. I have been an Als' fan since 1972, seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I have never jumped off of the bandwagon (even when they were the Concordes -I'm getting too old for that.. may hurt myself :slight_smile: but have been openly critical of the Als' play of late. People deal with frustration in different ways... the only person who knows for sure if Indydan is a true fan who is frustrated with the team and needs some serious venting or someone who wants to flame for the sake of flaming is Indydan.

Everyone needs to relax a wee bit (myself included) and hope that the team gets its focus back. That being said (and taking in to account the opposite ends that many forum subscribers seem to be on) remember that the word 'fan' comes from 'fanatic':

"a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal,"
and "a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, esp. an activity:"

first of all Blitz, you are a month late. Second; there is venting and there is being a ass by posting the same thing in a half dozen or so threads, and making personal attacks on people who don't agree.

I don't know why Blitz66 keeps on replying to 3 weeks old posts... :roll:


  1. I had just recently subscribed and I wasn't always paying attention to the date when a post would catch my eye or peak my interest (lack of sleep and caffeine).

  2. There may still be some forums/topics that remain relevant today as is the case in many on-line forums/discussion groups.

  3. Your reply is a strong indication that (obviously) there are still people reading/watching posts that are 3 weeks old!

So now you know why I replied to an old post. The question is, why are you still watching it?


you brought the topic to life and it becasme active and in top of 'unread' posts! :roll:

Well here we are, a month later and the Als are 7-5. My prediction, much to my dismay, has proven to be very accurate. As for the personal attacks mentioned by the Canadair guy, yes I do make them. But, only once I have been disrespected. Ro1313 is rude, and then gets upset when someone answers back. You can keep on trying to put out fires (see his avatar), but its best to not start them...

Well if you're not fan enough still cheer for them, why don't you go cheer on the Impact, I know their doing good. Also the Habs start up soon.

Indydan, Jumping off the wagon already ?

We were 6-6 last year after 12 games !

I must be a masochist then.....I drove 200km to see them lose their last 2 home games !

Where was I rude Indy? You admit that you make personal attacks but where were you disrespected?
Is it the fact that I don't agree with you that gets under your skin? Is it rude to not abandon your team when they are down?
Gamer is right. Everyone was ragging on the Als last year and they still went to the Cup.