Shades of 2001 for the Bombers?

This game vs Montreal reminds me of 2001. The Bombers got over the hump of beating the Als that year and went on to post 12 straight victories and finished 14-4. Unfortunately though they decided to sit their vets at the end of the season, lost momentum and blew the Grey Cup game to the lowly Stamps. I say they go all the way this year. I'll give them a 14-4 season again and will finsh business this time. :thup:

9-9 or 10-8.

11-7 at the VERY MOST, IMO.

big gap between 14-4 and 9-9. I am thinking that 11-7 is most likely.

Well then that would be around 9-9 then FYB. :thup:

.....9-9 and the lowly Bombers will make it to the final where they'll still lose to the Stamps...

I'm seeing the BB's come second in the east, getting a home playoff game, all winnipeg fans already partying for the grey cup. Only to lose to the argonauts, without damon allen, who gets injured once again this season.

...heh..i am languishing in any improvement the BigBlue have made...after that debacle last year....06' is all gravy to me....and maybe we'll do better than anyone imagined....but i never count my game at a time is Berrys' game at a time... :rockin:

I don't think any team could be 14-4 this season. I expect a 12-6 record to be enough to win a division.

naah, 10 is around, 8 is around. 11 is a couple of houses down, closer to inbetween, I think. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I'm frocus on the Bombers winning the race to 10, and just making the playoffs, then we'll talk about them beating everyone and winning the cup. :thup:

LMAO Stamps win the Cup. Nice one.

since when does KK talk like that?

lol if the bombers go 14-4 this year i will literally come to winnipeg and walk around the stadium naked holding a bluebomber flag. better have your mosquito repellent on....then might have to have the longjohns by then...or suffer ...nothin we haven't seen lol.. :lol:

Exactly. Making the playoffs wound be good, getting home advantage would be better. Don't give those wolves a change to feed you crow.

I, like most Bomber fans, am just hoping for about 10 wins. In one way that this year might remind of 2001 would be I think that was the year the Bombers had a stingy run defence, which hopefully continues this year. :thup:

Since we have a winning recond, it's fantastic, but let's not get too over excited and frocus on getting at least 7 more wins.